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2016-09-24  Route: North Ridge from Lulu Gulch
Info: Winter has arrived above ~12,000 feet. The lower slopes of this route had about 1/2 an inch of snow in the morning and more was falling above 13,000 feet. Footing was mostly good, though a few sections of the ridge were slick with rime frost and snowfall. I wore boots with some serious tread and only had one or two slips. Spikes would probably not slip at all. It was about 15 degrees and windy up to 13,500 feet, then calm and cold to the top. Lots of colorful aspens down in Missouri Gulch too. 
jfm3  2016-09-24   2   2          
2016-09-10  Route: North Ridge from Lulu Gulch
Info: Great Weather on 9/10/2016 and 9/11/2016. No rain. Temperature dropped to twenties at night. Our water bottles outside the tents were completely frozen at night on 9/9. The weather was relatively warmer the next day. 
Rasonics  2016-09-15   2             
2016-08-10  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: The road from Winfield to the trail head is fairly rough. There was a Subaru wagon in the parking lot as well as a BMW SUV.... Depart trail-head at 8:00 am and summit at 11:00. Several groups in front us and several after us! Clouds started building about 10:00 but by noon had fallen apart. Shared the Summit with several out of state climbers including us. Lunch on the summit was great. No snow on trail and the last 300' is now pretty well marked. Back at trail-head by 1:30 Water to filter available on several areas of the trail before you hit the last 1000' of trail. 
Duckband  2016-08-20   0             
2016-07-15  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: I made it to the 4WD trailhead in my Subaru Outback, though it was not a particularly fun drive. I saw one other Subaru up there. Everything else was a "real" 4WD truck. There is lots of dispersed camping near the trailhead and along the road. Most of the trail is in excellent condition except for one muddy spot toward the beginning that can be easily circumvented. The last half mile or so is quite challenging because it's steep and unmaintained, so that part is slow going on the ascent and descent. If you're using Gerry Roach's Colorado Fourteeners book, be advised that the information he provides about the round-trip mileage for this route is incorrect. The book says it's 4.6 miles round-trip, but it's actually 7 miles. I'm not sure how to explain that mistake, because the sign at the trailhead clearly says it's 3.5 miles to Huron. Anyway, the wildflowers are in full bloom, and we saw lots of marmots and pikas. No goats, but plenty of signs that they're around. 
AcornMan  2016-07-16   0             
2016-07-15  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Peak is dry as a bone. No snow or other impediments to the summit. 
AcornMan  2016-07-15   0             
2016-07-08  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: 4wd road was mostly dry (other than the small streams) with minimal mud, and was passable in my Crosstrek. The hike was perfect with complete summer conditions and no snow on the trail. 
jfowl  2016-07-09   0   4   1       
2016-07-05  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Beautiful hike! The weather briefly turned at the summit, but improved within the first 20 minutes of descent. Route conditions are ideal. 
Indy  2016-07-07   0             
2016-07-04  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Didn't climb Huron but was on 13er Browns Peak and had a good look at the upper, standard route... 
BillMiddlebrook  2016-07-05   2   2          
2016-07-03  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Complete summer conditions. Trail was a bit muddy with some standing water in places from the recent rain and the summit had a dusting of snow early this morning when I was up there. Lot of people up there today. 
roemmic1  2016-07-03   0             
2016-06-18  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Expect summer trail conditions. Very minimal easily avoidable snow in the basin. Some water runoff along the trail above treeline. It was frozen early in the morning, but you can walk around it. 
AnastasiaC  2016-06-19   0             
2016-06-15  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: 4WD road to trailhead is clear and dry with the exception of one minor patch of mud. The weather has been hot and dry and the snow is melting fast. The beginning of the trail is dry with no signs of snow under treeline. Above treeline there are patches of snow that are mostly avoidable all the way to the summit. The only unavoidable snow patch is crossing the basin. With how slushy and minimal it is, I expect it might be gone by the weekend. The basin was wet and marshy from the melted snow -- I ended up with wet feet. The switchbacks up to the summit are dry and (with the exception of a couple corners, that are easy to cut) clear of snow. I reached the summit late, 1pm, and there were no clouds in sight. Beautiful day for a hike! 
xandc  2016-06-16   0   3          
2016-06-14  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: 4wd road is clear of snow and minimal mud. Summer conditions (aka 0 snow) all the way to tree line. The big basin has 2-3 feet of snow still in it that even at 7:00am you would fall through - expect to post hole but it's not more than 75 total yards of a push. Micro spikes or snowshoes won't help - it's just caving in. Started at 430am, summitted at 8:00am. Easy hike down. Switchbacks up to the summit have pretty sporadic but serious patches of snow and ice crossing the trail. Great to glissade down, but tricky to hike up. Only boots are necessary, just be careful. Peak has some snow but nothing to worry about - great weather today to summit Huron! 
jdcoleman  2016-06-14   3             
2016-06-12  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Perfect weather day on Huron today! We were a little worried last night because it seemed to rain all night at our campsite before the 4WD road but cleared up by morning. Started at 6:15, summited at 10, and back to the car by 12:45. Like previously stated, the trail is great until the basin area with the snow field. In the morning we made it accross on the hard pack/icy snow with few post holes; however, the way down was pretty miserable. Both ends of the snow field are misleading because you can still walk on the snow but the middle area is all postholing and slushy water. I would recommend staying to the south of the snow (close to Huron) where there are rocks because the postholing was not worth it. I imagine having snowshoes would've helped for that section but I still saw some snow shoe postholes and you don't need them anywhere else. 
kwhit24  2016-06-12   2   7          
2016-06-11  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: For the majority of the route, it is clear of snow or it can be avoided. The exception is once you hit the flat basin just above treeline. We didn't have snowshoes but it would have been nice to avoid the post holing in that area. In the morning crossing it around seven, it wasn't too bad but coming back over it around 9-10, it took a lot longer. Microspikes aren't necessary but could be helpful on a couple crossings. Other then that, it was an awesome and wonderful day climbing Huron. 
queenrw6  2016-06-11   0   1          
2016-06-05  Route: North Ridge from Lulu Gulch
Info: Patchy snow throughout the approach. The swichbacks up Middle Mtn are dry except for the corners. The ridge was patchy also. Taking our spikes on qnd off became a bit tedious. Snow didnt get a good freeze so post holing from early in the morning is expexted. Snow in the basin of Huron was very soft by 10:30 and was post holing with snow shoes. 
cardgenius  2016-06-06   0   3          
2016-06-05  Route: North Ridge from Lulu Gulch
Info: Conditions were great on the north ridge route. Snowshoes recommended if u don't like to posthole in the am. At least for a few more days. Lots of snow low. Tons in the basin. Great snow for climbing and a good mix of snow or rock. 
Tcms22  2016-06-05   2   5          
2016-06-04  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: All the snow is super-soft with the current heat. Trail is mostly clear of snow for the first 500' of elevation. Probably around 11,000' you start hitting some snow, including major drifts that obscure some switchbacks. We actually lost the trail for a bit, but eventually found it again. Snow vanishes for a bit right as you pop above the treeline. The basin is still full of snow, which is super soft in spots. We got a late start, so it was pretty rough both up and down. I did flatten out a path through a couple of extra squishy sections on the way up with snowshoes. On the way down, even that part offered a few fresh post holes. Snowshoes post holed in the basin, and even got stuck a couple of times (Also... my first time ever using them, so quite possibly user error!). So yes, super soft. The rest of the trail goes in and out of snow, which is also pretty squishy and post hole prone, but not as bad as the middle of the basin, and the far edge of the basin right before you climb. 
BrianKnop  2016-06-06   0   1          
2016-05-30  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: From the 2WD trailhead at Winfield to the 4WD trailhead the road is mostly clear of snow and easily walkable. From the 4WD trailhead to perhaps half a mile up the trail is mostly clear of snow. From there to treeline snow covers large portions of the trail and makes it difficult to stay on the trail itself. Numerous postholes through said snow should lead the way until the trail is clear, which may be as early as this week with warm weather coming in. The snow up to this point is mostly poor quality facets and is prone to punching through to the waist. From treeline to the summit the vast majority of the trail is covered in snow, most of which was solid though again, warm weather may make this a sloppy mess sooner rather than later. 
supranihilest  2016-05-31   0             
2016-05-30  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Below Timberline, except for the trailhead area, is a NIGHTMARE OF POST-HOLING. Bring snowshoes. Above timberline, starts off with a little bit of dirt trail, then 90% snow afterward. No sign of avalanches. I did a huge 1000'+ glissade on the way down. Bring your axe! Crampons optional. Microspikes highly recommended. I did not use anything until the last 500', way above the ridgeline. I put on crampons but would have been fine with spikes. 4WD road is open for business! My Silverado 1500 scraped once on the way up and once on the way back. Whoops. 
nathanfisher  2016-05-30   0             
2016-05-28  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: We climbed from the Northwest Slopes. The 4wd road is totally accessible without much difficulty or snow cover all the way to the TH. Chaffee Co 390 Road is dry and easy to drive on with a low clearance vehicle - no major wash outs or holes. The hike itself took us several hours. We spent a lot of time post holing throughout the trees on the way up to treeline and it was difficult to find the trail which meant creating our own a lot of the time. It was basically either a perfectly dry dirt trail - or deep snow and in some spots by the afternoon, mud. Once above tree line it was gorgeous, warm, snow covered all the way to the top of the mountain. Trail is also hidden by snow for almost the entire time above tree line. A large cornice sits on the summit to the left and requires close contact with exposure to walk to the side of it to make the summit. Microspikes are absolutely essential if you don't want to lug snow shoes up as the snow is slick and slushy. Snowshoes are needed for the trees due to the post holing and deep snow (waist deep). Some of us wish we'd have brought our snow shoes up to the summit, but we stashed them below and switched to spikes. A younger solo guy was following behind us at the start of the trail and he turned back due to not having snow shoes when he saw how much postholing would be required. After 12pm the snow got slushy and messy. The sun was out in full force and it was a very warm day! 
jennincolorado  2016-05-29   3   2          

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