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Huron Peak  
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2013-10-25  Northwest Slopes  Trail has intermittent snow and ice, generally hard packed and easy to follow. Spikes were quite helpful. Amadisofgaul   2013-10-26  0     Edit Delete 
2013-10-22  Northwest Slopes  Had the mountain to myself today. There is patchy snow and ice starting from the 4 wheel drive road. Becomes pretty consistent starting from the trailhead and anywhere from nice packed snow (when I was actually on the trail) to thigh deep postholing above the basin. I wore my spikes all day. If anyone hikes this in the next few days, I‘d advise you NOT to follow the freshest (my) tracks above the basin because I pretty much went all over the place haha. Char7311   2013-10-22  0     Edit Delete 
2013-09-29  Northwest Slopes  Huron is mostly dry up to 12,200, then continuous snow to the summit. It is boot packed to the summit but you will need gators and microspikes as it is still deep snow and slick on the summit push. Beautiful day with very little wind. Fall colors are almost at the peak. mrschaible   2013-09-29  0  1    Edit Delete 
2013-06-24  Northwest Slopes  Route is in excellent shape. The trail / summit are clear of snow. For the road, I had to park in between Winfield and the parking lot (right before the water flows over the road). I have a Subaru Outback so the clearance isn‘t the best and I didn‘t feel like breaking my car on that mud hill that‘s there. But if your car has good clearance and you make it past that, you‘re free and clear! I met some cool people on the way up and hopefully we‘ll get to climb some more 14‘ers! climb4ever   2013-06-26 3     Edit Delete 
2013-06-23  Northwest Slopes  Route is in great shape. water is flowing well at 12,300 too. mtn_nut   2013-06-23  0     Edit Delete 
2013-06-15  Southwest Slopes  No snow issues on the southwest slopes. The trail was fairly easy to follow. At one point I lost the trail and unnecessarily crossed the creek. If you find yourself crossing the creek (not to be confused w/ easy stream crossings) head left uphill. Gets harder to follow as you approach the cairned boulder field, but once you come out of the forest, the cairns are quite obvious. psycholoco   2013-06-18  0     Edit Delete 
2013-06-15  Northwest Slopes  Huron is open for summer business. There are only a couple of 20-30‘ patches of snow left in the snowfield that can easily be avoided. A little windy, but a great day. The first river crossing also didn‘t give us any troubles. sheller   2013-06-16  0     Edit Delete 
2013-06-02  Northwest Slopes  The route starts of great all the way to the stream crossing. Once there, you may end up getting some wet feet as the water level of the stream is pretty high (especially in the afternoon on the return trip). From there, you will cross a few minor snow patches all the way up to the basin on the north side of Huron. Once in the basin, there is a large snow field that is nice and firm in the morning, but turns into post hole city by 11. The ridge up to the summit is a mix of snow patches and rock. The trail is pretty well snowed over but was able to be followed. The summit block has a lot of snow and I was unable to find the summit marker. There are several snow fields that I was able to glissade on the way back, but I have a feeling these snow fields will be melting fast. I did not use any flotation or microspikes. Flotation might be nice in the snow field in the basic, and microspikes might help in the upper snow fields, but I didn‘t feel they were necessary. michaelgrundy   2013-06-03  0  2    Edit Delete 
2013-01-26  Std  Poaching a Huron Snowflake. Wanted to check out Huron since the road to Winfield was passable. Wasn‘t sure if there was still a trench from last week‘s group, so I went without any expectations of making the summit. Parked at Winfield and headed up the road about 7:45 (late start for me). Someone had driven to the summer TH, so I was able to walk the vehicle tracks on the road. Some icy sections make me wonder how they managed to drive back there. At the summer TH, was pleasantly surprised to see a solid trench. I don‘t think I would have made treeline w/o the trench (thanks a million to the group that set the trench). The trench religiously followed the summer route. No snowshoes required except for the back half of the basin where floatation is appreciated. The upper slopes were pretty dry and pretty easy to stay on the summer trail. Nice snowy ridge up to the summit from the saddle. Beautiful day, about 25 degrees with no wind. There were some clouds that blocked views on Missouri. Summit at 12:15. Started snowing a bit on the hike down (after 2pm). Back to the car about 3:15. Glad to make it back to the highway (that would be an expensive tow from Winfield). Cheers. Yikes   2013-01-26  0  1    
2013-01-18  Northwest Slopes  Was able to reach Winfield in a Subaru. Bigger 4x4 can make it another 0.2 miles, but that‘s about it. Bootbacked trail to summer TH and snowshoe trail after that. Kept snowshoes to about 13k which allowed to minimize postholing in the upper basin. nkan02   2013-01-18 4     Edit Delete 
2012-11-18  Northwest Slopes  My sister and I attempted Huron on Sunday under beautiful conditions alternating between snow and sun. From the trailhead to treeline the trail was semi-boot packed with 2-4 inches of snow. Above treeline the trail was mostly covered with 4-6 inches with larger drifts up to a foot in places. Although we didn‘t make it to the top, another group of hikers told us the very top was much the same and no need for an ice axe. We wore micro spikes all day and would have had trouble without them. mollykay   2012-11-19 4  1  Edit Delete 
2012-10-27  Northwest Slopes  The trail was fairly easy to follow for most of the hike. There was about 2" of snow below treeline. Above treeline there is a few inches of snow on the switchback that were shielded from the wind. The other 1/2 of the switchbacks have been blown mostly clear. I had gaiters with me but never encountered anything deep enough to warrant putting them on. Microspikes were helpful and were worn for a majority of the day. Our chances of summitting would have been greatly impaired without them. The snow was melting down low as we were descending, but there was enough shade I would expect some of it to remain for a few more days. cory1223oh   2012-10-28 3  3    Edit Delete 
2012-10-20  Northwest Slopes  Very little snow on the peak itself. N Ridge has soft packed/packed/icy conditions the last 500‘ and spikes are helpful, some slight exposure just before the summit that an axe in your hand may make you feel more comfortable if exposure bothers you. MtnClimber82   2012-10-20  0  1  Edit Delete 
2012-10-08  Northwest Slopes  There are some melted sections above treeline now, but not so many that spikes aren‘t useful. I was glad to have mine although my friend and many other people summitted without them. Top 500 feet is still almost solid ice and snow on the trail. bhess86   2012-10-09  0     Edit Delete 
2012-10-06  Northwest Slopes  Trail below treeline has spotty snow sections, getting increasingly frequent the higher you go. Once above treeline, you are in snow all the way to the summit, although its not very deep (3-4 inches). Microspikes definitely helpful for the last 500 feet. Muskie5280   2012-10-07  0     Edit Delete 
2012-10-01  Northwest Slopes  Snow on the upper 800‘ but still easily hiked in summer shoes. Wentzl   2012-10-03 1       
2012-06-24  Northwest Slopes  I take my 2wd up many rough roads, but didn‘t want to risk it on this road. Hiking the road was extremely easy though! There is one section of the 4wd road (pictured) that had a couple inches of water flowing over it, which we easily walked around without getting wet. The trail is in good shape and dry except for tiny trickles running across which you can easily step over. I didn‘t do a trip report, but did document the trip in my crew‘s latest video episode, so if you want to see mountain skateboarding, wildlife, and better views of the trail and scenery, check it out here (note there is a short intro before the Huron Peak footage starts) shredcrazy   2012-07-08 4     Edit Delete 
2012-06-09  Standard  Trail is completely dry. No special equipment needed. mountain_man   2012-06-10 1       
2012-06-01  Northwest Slopes  The 12-mile stretch of dirt road from U.S. 24 to Winfield is washboarded, but otherwise fine. The 2.1 mile 4WD road from the lower to the upper trailhead is in decent shape. Clearance is probably more important than 4WD...there are 2-3 places where high-centering could be an issue W/O good clearance. Otherwise it is fine; no snow, trees, mud, etc. The trail is in great shape up through trees. In the flat grassy area above treeline, prior to gaining the ridge, there is some snow and it is the postholy variety. However, you can serpentine a bit if you like and avoid most of it. Plus, there is not that much to begin with. Higher up, nearing the summit, there is a bit of mud and it is a little slippery in places but it‘s not that bad. This is a great hike and this seems like a good time to go. scrambling   2012-06-01  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-19  Northwest Slopes  4WD road is clear all the way to the upper trailhead. The trail has some snowy parts but we didn‘t have any problems, only minor postholing in a few spots. We hiked early in the morning so the snow was still hard. Microspikes weren‘t necessary but may be helpful in places. csmith   2012-05-19  0     Edit Delete 

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