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2015-07-12  Route: West Ridge
Info: Atlantic‘s west ridge is mostly snow free. We crossed one unavoidable 60 foot section about 300 feet from the top. It is soft and there are steps in it that make it mostly easy for experienced person to walk across without traction. It is an exposed steep cornice on the south side and a moderate snow slope on the north side. The rest of ridge is mostly snow free and you can walk around the sections that aren‘t. 
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2015-06-22  Route: West Ridge
Info: Traversed from Pacific over to Atlantic ans descended the west ridge. Lots of snow on this ridge still, most avoidable, but I ended up doing a lot of class 3 moves below the ridge to avoid the snow. Talus hopping on the way down sucked.. The start of this ridge and most of it on the way to the summit is large loose talus with very faint trail segments. 
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2015-04-04  Route: West Ridge
Info: Snowshoes are still quite helpful from the beginning of the trees to the ridge. We stashed snowshoes at the beginning of the ridge. The exposed portions of the ridge are fun right now, but beware of the monster cornice on your right as you get up to the last fun part. I advise you go more left than you think you should. When you get past this cornice and look back, you‘ll understand why. 
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2015-03-07  Route: West Ridge
Info: Road plowed and ice free to the TH. From TH, the 4WD road hardpacked snowshoe/skin train. Leaving TH, the drainage leading to pacific was deep snow, but our group of 6 laid down a solid track. Once out of the drainage, gained the west ridge from the N slopes via a more westerly (climbers right) track to avoid convex snow loaded feature. Snow on this slope ranged from 8" posthole to very hardpack w/ice layer. We manged w/ snowshoes going up, and kicked steps on the downclimb. West ridge good mixed climbing, short boulder slope w/some class 3 snow covered feature. Once on ridge proper, ditched snowshoes. The ridge was a great snowclimb, posthole to knee while negotiating snow knife-edge. Be wary of cornices, there was one very large in particular where caution is needed. Always be sure that you are on the ridge. Summit was great, completely snow covered. Bluebird skies, and no wind til the downclimb. Overall, 5 hrs up (plenty of photo breaks, snacks etc) and 2 hrs down. 
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2014-10-25  Route: West Ridge
Info: Did Roach‘s "West Winds Classic" starting from the Mayflower Gulch upper TH. Gained Atlantic via traverse from Pacific where it was easy to avoid snow. Descended Atlantic via its West Ridge route. There was a lot more snow along the ridge than I was expecting based on what I could see from the upper TH vantage. Had microspikes with me. A couple times I tried just left of ridgeline on descent to stay off snow, but the rock on that side was very loose so I ended up sticking o ridge as much as possible. Keep in mind today‘s weather moving in could change all this quite a bit. 
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2014-08-30  Route: West Ridge
Info: Excellent conditions from the Boston Mine all the way up the West Ridge, minus the initial bushwhack, which was very wet and soggy. Also bagged Pacific Peak (and subsequently re climbed Atlantic). Large snow spots easily avoided in the Atlantic to Pacific traverse. 
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2014-06-15  Route: V couloir
Info: Summer TH access, dry to the gate. Snow line starts near 11.8k. The (looker‘s) left branch of V couloir provided the most obvious continuous ski descent line from Atlantic summit, so that‘s the line we skied (ascended the saddle between Atlantic & Pacific). Couloir conditions are variable - nice smooth corn in top 2/3, and more runnely, rock-infested, dusty snow in lower third, where caution is advised. Prob will be in another week or so. Also tagged Pacific from the ridge with Atlantic with the ski descent to the tarn lake. 
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2013-06-29  Route: Atlantis, maybe
Info: Climbed what we thought might have been atlantis - though I‘m still not sure. Nice supportive snow all morning. A little crusty and mushy in the afternoon but still surprisingly good. Mccullough gulch still holds enough snow that an ice axe is needed if you plan to hike up or descend down the saddle to pacific. Not going to last much longer. Good luck. 
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2011-09-24  Route: West Ridge
Info: Can‘t remember who asked for it, but Atlantic, Pacific, and Crystal all are mostly snow-free. Minimal snow on the upper slopes (soft powder, unconsolidated), almost entirely on the west or north aspects. Trail runners still adequate. No need for axe or really any traction, subject to personal preference. 
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2011-06-04  Route: West Ridge
Info: Did Atlantic via the West Ridge this morning... 4WD road is impassable still from the 2WD parking lot and will be for a long time yet. Snow the entire way up to the ridge proper. I wore snowshoes until then, and stashed them at the base of the ridge. They are not needed for the ridge...I brought crampons but didn‘t use them. The snow was very solid and there is only one spot that got my attention. There is still a pretty big cornice roughly halfway up, but it is easily traversed with care. A lot of the snow on the ridge can be avoided as well. Get an early start or you will be post-holing like crazy in the trees. Go out and get it...the West Ridge is in prime shape for ascents! 
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