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2015-06-26  Route: Sniktau/Cupid/Grizzly Peak D/Lenawee
Info: Did the Sniktau/Cupid/Grizzly Peak D/Lenawee route from http://www.quackquackcolorado.com/mt-sniktau-cupid-grizzly-peak-d-lenawee-mtn/ Although there was still a decent amount of snow up there, it was easily avoidable. Microspikes and ice axe weren‘t needed. Avoiding the snow between Grizzly Peak D and Lenawee required some careful route finding to keep it down to Class 3. 
JasonKline  2015-06-26   0   2          
2013-07-27  Route: From Loveland Pass
Info: Not enough information for a full trip report, but there is a lack of beta online for this traverse so I figured I would add a little detail. We went from Loveland Pass to A-basin (set up a car shuttle in the AM) by summiting Grizzly, over to Lenawee and then to the top of the ski resort. This is an excellent route with some great scrambling from Grizz to Lenawee - I would say the hardest moves go at class 4. There are several loose holds, so testing everything is a must on the route. The traverse from Lenawee to A-basin is tedious and not as much fun as G to L. If you aren‘t set on reaching the top of A-basin, bailing out after topping Lenawee would be the better option. Overall, a great scramble, close to Denver and no crowds - although you do have a great view of the conga line up Grays.... 
k-berger  2013-08-06   4             

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