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Kelso Mountain  
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2013-04-24  Road  Not enough of a trip for a full report, but hopefully enough info for some conditions. My buddy and I reached the bottom of the Grays and Torreys trail at about noon, and set-off up the road. We didn‘t have snowshoes, and I wasn‘t too concerned. I just kind of wanted to scout the area, and see if it might be possible/safe to try and hike Kelso this weekend. The road had been driven up about 300 feet, then the tire tracks stop. There were a few pair of ski tracks running through the road, but otherwise, it was pretty desolate. We made it to the Bridge at the Grays and Torreys in about 2 hours, but were too burned from post-holing to continue. It was a much needed workout since a lackluster winter. Snow shoes weren‘t necessary, but they are definitely helpful emohr   2013-04-24 4  1      
2012-11-03  South Ridge  Kelso is a good hike right now with amazing views. The road up had a little snow and ice but nothing too bad. There is some snow building near the summit but other than that it‘s clear. The wind is crazy cold so pack that down jacket! Full TR: MTGOAT72   2012-11-04 1       
2012-07-05  Southwest (Kelso) Ridge  We did the whole ridge from Kelso Mtn to Torreys Peak yesterday for Independence Day and the whole route was completely snow-free. The mountain has an unreal amount of false summits but the route is easy except for some Class 3 at the beginning above the Torreys-Kelso saddle. DanielL   2012-07-05  0       

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