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2015-10-12  Route: From Berthoud Pass
Info: Sustained winds between 35-45mph the entire day. Temps probably between 35-40 degrees. The weather station on nearby Colorado Mines Peak (600ft lower) recorded max gusts at 58mph. On top of Flora I am sure we had gusts over 60mph. Along the ascent from the trailhead and on the ridge northeast of the summit there was light snow in small patches. Easily walked over or avoided. No snow on the summit. I wore trail runners and was very comfortable. 
18chains  2015-10-13   2             
2015-08-14  Route: Standard
Info: Just an Fyi they are doing construction on Berthoud Pass. Lots of stopping and waiting. I got on the pass at 7am and work had already begun. 
BoulderBarb  2015-08-18   2             
2015-06-14  Route: Northeast Slopes
Info: On Sunday, June 14 I traversed the Continental Divide from Berthoud Pass to Parry Peak. I skinned up the Colorado Mines Peak service road to the final switchback and then transitioned to hiking. Able to hike on the Divide all the way to Mount Flora with only a few snow patches. I then skied the Northeast Slopes of Mount Flora and regained the Divide to head to Mount Eva. Northeast Slopes still have continuous snow for skiing, but large wet slide debris at the bottom. 
Goat9  2015-06-16   1             
2015-06-14  Route: Berthoud Pass
Info: Ascended over Mines Peak and returned using the shortcut trail which I believe is the CDT. Snowshoes were very helpful below treeline on the ascent and descent. Above that, we only encountered a couple short snowfields near the Flora summit. There are also some lengthy snowfields on the shortcut but all had enough boot tracks to not be a real issue. Easy early season warmup. 
nedryarson  2015-06-15   0             
2015-05-02  Route: Southwest Ridge
Info: From Berthoud Pass, it‘s almost continuous snow all the way to the summit of Flora, following the ridge crest. With the milder weather, I found snowshoes to be helpful as early as 9am. Be careful on the summit, as it is completely covered with snow (you can‘t see any rocks) and blends in with a huge cornice hanging off the east side. Also, watch out for those cornices hanging off the ridge while traveling between Flora and Colorado Mines Peak. They look like they‘ll break off if a bird landed on them. 
Tony1  2015-05-04   0   3          
2014-06-22  Route: Berthoud Pass
Info: There was a couple of snow fields headed up to Colorado Mines Peak; no snowshoes or spikes needed. From there to Mt. Flora was all clear! 
AdvenTurner86  2014-06-26   0             
2014-01-26  Route: Via Berthoud Pass
Info: Climbed Mt Flora from Berthoud Pass Sunday the 26th. Colorado Mines Peak snowy up to tree line. Used bootpack trail, no need for floatation but microspikes helped. Route was grass/rock/thin snow for remainder of the route. Ridge line corniced to the east but easily avoidable. 
Ericds84  2014-01-26   0             
2013-03-16  Route: sw - via berthoud
Info: Thin snow and ice above treeline. Snowshoes might have been helpful up to treeline but there is a good skiers bootpack to follow instead. Huge cornices on the east side of the ridge but the trail was practically snow free above treeline. Good luck. 
jeremy27  2013-03-16   0             
2012-06-15  Route: Berthoud Pass
Info: Summer conditions. Hauled an ice axe, micro spikes, and gaitors up the ridge from Colorado Mines to Parry Peak...much to the disbelief of mtgirl and USA_Keller. Snow can be found, but you would have to make an effort to walk through it.... 
IHikeLikeAGirl  2012-06-15   0   2          
2011-11-24  Route: via Berthoud/CO Mines
Info: Essentially dry. Microspikes may be helpful from Berthoud to treeline, but not necessary. No other special gear needed. E cornices are still small and obvious. 
Monster5  2011-11-26   0             

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