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Mt. Silverheels  
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2014-12-17  North Spur from Hoosier Pass  Beautiful day on the mountain. Knee/thigh-deep postholing for appx. 1-1.5 mi until we reached the "heartbreak hill" ridge. Snowshoes definitely make for a better time. We skirted around the south face of the ridge and encountered variable conditions--rock and more postholing until we reached the powerlines. After the powerlines it was mostly windswept--got awesome traction with microspikes on the grass/thin snow on the summit push. Not sure how much snow has fallen in the past 36 hours but we left a pretty solid trench in the deeper areas. jakefox   2014-12-19  0     Edit Delete 
2013-06-23  West Ridge  Dry Dry Dry... The route is fairly straight forward on the ascent but you will probably end up descending too far north - just keep working down the drainage and you‘ll be fine. The crossing at Beaver Creek is about 4-5 feet wide, no issues. wildlobo71   2013-06-23  0     Edit Delete 
2012-12-12  North Spur from Hoosier Pass  Finally, some snow! I didn‘t take or feel the need for snowshoes--on the lower portion of the route, the snow was mostly slightly above my ankles. I post-holed several times in the willows, but snowshoes wouldn‘t have been much help. On the ridge, the snow was quite wind-blown; there are some cornices developing but these sections of deeper snow can be avoided. I didn‘t see any ice and didn‘t take my microspikes out of my pack. **I know the forecast is for more snow this weekend, but hopefully these pictures can give you an idea of where the older snow is.** B[3]   2012-12-12 4  1  Edit Delete 
2012-11-10  North Spur from Hoosier Pass  Beautiful day, with a horrible forecast. It was forecasted for 8" of snow and we didn‘t get anywhere close to that. Storms were coming in chunks separated by wonderful hours of blue sky and sunshine. However - white out conditions up top. Winds in this area were serious. As soon as we hit the summit ridge we couldn‘t see two feet in front our face and were constantly leaning into the wind. I wore microspikes the whole day and wouldn‘t have thought of taking them off. Snowshoes are unnecessary. At most, there was 1-2‘ of snow - but that only came in small patches. You can easily walk around the deep drifts and stay on solid ground forbins_mtn   2012-11-11 1     Edit Delete 
2012-10-21  South Ridge  Snow free the whole way. Trails above timerline are hit or miss - just follow the ridge. Beautiful hike. 4x4 approach was doable in a stock Ford Ranger. Hunters everywhere so you might want to wear something orange. Good luck. jeremy27   2012-10-22  0  2      
2012-06-04  Northwest ridge ascent, south ridge descent  NW ridge is clear of snow, a few snow fields left, but are easy to bypass. The S ridge is free of all snow, Beaver Creek is easy to cross jumping on a few rocks. Great day in the Front/Tenmile-Mosquito Range, my own "tour de Silverheels". I plan on posting a TR when I get my pics. MntOwl   2012-06-04  0       
2012-05-16  North Spur from Hoosier Pass  Snow was easily avoidable on the route. No snowshoes or microspikes necessary. There‘s still a great glissade down Silverheels. Pictures are at JasonKline   2012-05-19  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-13  West Ridge  Made it up Silverheels today before the weather hit. Silverheels‘ West Ridge is mostly snow free if you want to weave around small snowfields, with the caveat that it was snowing pretty hard at the Eisenhower tunnel on the way out. Any snow that is left is avoidable or very short/easy to cross. Did not need any sort of traction. mrickers   2012-05-13  0     Edit Delete 
2012-01-04  North Spur from Hoosier Pass  Hiked Silverheels from Hoosier Pass (via Hoosier Ridge) and never needed snowshoes or microspikes. Snowshoes could have been helpful for the willows near treeline, but I never put them on. Snow along the ridge was pretty firm and there wasn‘t much snow between Hoosier Ridge and the summit of Silverheels. link Route Description on BillMiddlebrook   2012-01-04 4     Edit Delete 
2011-06-24  southern  Southern route is 99.9% free of snow. Very small pockets left that are easily avoided. denvermikey   2011-06-24  0       
2011-05-26  West Ridge  Below treeline was patchy snow--the sort where you‘ll be forced to put on snowshoes one minute, then be forced to remove them the next! Snow was never more than a few feet deep, and the relatively treeless areas had lots of bare ground...the descent into the creek was consistently snowy, but not really steep enough for a decent glissade. I‘m unsure if the creek has running water under the snow, but I walked across it (and did so again later in the day when things had warmed up) without using snowshoes and didn‘t posthole there at all. Snowshoes can be ditched just past the creek, with the remaining terrain to the summit largely bare ground or fairly minimal snow that can be barebooted and doesn‘t require an ice axe. Probably one of the least snowy, most accessible, and least-avalanche-prone peaks in the area right now. ChrisinAZ   2011-05-26  0     Edit Delete 
2011-04-02  West Ridge  Here‘s a pic of the west/south west sides of Silverheels. BobbyFinn   2011-04-02 1     Edit Delete 

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