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2015-06-27  Route: South Slopes from Blue Lake
Info: An update on Paiute from gotpow‘s report on the 22nd. Generally looks the same although it has been melting fast. 9.8 miles, 2800 feet from Brainard Lake (Mitchell Road/TH not opened yet this year) The snow is melting quickly with the warm temperatures. The trail had water running along it or snow for at least half of the 3 miles from the Mitchell Trailhead to Blue Lake. Easy off trail from the lake to the rib on the south slopes I used to gain the summit. Class 2+ to maybe easy Class 3. Mostly on rock with a small snow field to cross higher up. A lot of gnats on the snow and in the grass/scrub oak. Pictures are as follows: A look at the peaks from the east side of Brainard Lake. Right to left, Audubon, Paiute, Mt. Toll, Pawnee, Shoshoni... The big creek crossing. A look from below the rib. A different angle look. The north face of Mt. Toll in case you want to try that. No doubt someone has done that but it doesn‘t look too inviting. A shot looking at the snowfields on the south side of Mt. Toll from Blue Lake. 
piper14er  2015-06-28   6             
2015-06-22  Route: Southeast face
Info: Still lots of snow above the Mitchell lake trailhead. Snowshoes not necessary but be prepared to get wet, our boots were soaked by the end of the day. We were able to summit Paiute without climbing any snow along the southeast face, just a few minor snowfield crossings below the upper lake. I was able to get in a couple hundred foot glissade on descent. Trail is a bit hard to keep track of below Mitchell lake, and the road is only open to brainard lake currently, so expect a little extra mileage. 
gotpow  2015-06-23   3   3          
2014-06-11  Route: Curvaceous couloir
Info: Climbed and skied Curvaceous couloir on Paiute yesterday. Rode our bikes from the gate and encountered one snow drift before the turn off for Mitchell Lake TH. Stashed our bikes at the Mitchell Creek picnic area and hiked the rest of the road (wasn‘t ridable anyways). Word around the campground is that the gate is slated to open on Saturday June 20th this year, not the 13th as has been mentioned previously. Good freeze night before made skin in easy albeit not without route finding SNAFUs. Curvaceous was filled in in it‘s entirety and linked up with snow field above Bue lake. Some sharks here and there but altogether an enjoyable ski. Crooked on Audubon is still in but melting fast. Toll still looks very nice and skiable. Getting out was pretty s--tty. There is still a lot of snow in the trees which was very soft at noon which combined with a very difficult to follow trail makes the last mile between Mitchell Lake and the TH demoralizing. Gonna wait a couple of weeks before headed back for Toll. I can send pictures via email or PM if interested, I‘m apparently resizingly-challenged. 
Dave B  2014-06-11   0      1       
2013-08-04  Route: East Ridge
Info: I highly recommend the East Ridge over the standard route which ascends a loose gully (Class 2+) up from Blue Lake. Next time I might return via the East Ridge. The only thing you will miss (other than loose scree) is a gorgeous view of Blue Lake and some killer views of Mt. Toll. Register is a soggy mess - bring a replacement if you are so inclined. PM for a gpx of the full loop from Audubon if you are interested. Good Luck. 
jeremy27  2013-08-05   0   2          

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