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Whale Peak  
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2014-07-19  Route: Lake Gibson Trail
Info: Great conditions. Snow is easily avoidable all the way to the summit. 
awake  2014-07-19   0             
2012-10-21  Route: SSE slope
Info: Snow free on south slopes of pt 12088, UN 12567 and Whale Peak (I came up via Jefferson Lake/road) above treeline although the basins containing Jefferson lake and Gibson lake had some large snow patches and light drifting. Snow was melting rapidly as it was quite warm, making things muddy. I would upload a photo or two but I don‘t own a computer/laptop (using a public kiosk) On a sidenote, the paved portion of the road up to Jefferson Lake is closed to motor vehicles as of Oct. 15 
tdawg012  2012-10-22   0             

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