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American Peak  
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2015-06-10  Route: All couloirs
Info: I did not attempt to climb American Pk., but I did drive up into American Basin on Monday, to get a look at the coverage on the couloirs. As you can see, there has been plenty of avalanche activity in this area. If you were going to make an attempt for American or Handies from American Basin, you can drive to the creek crossing as has been reported, then park there, and you would be able to skin or snowshoe from that very point. That whole area is COVERED with snow. 
Grover  2015-06-10   1   2   1       
2014-06-01  Route: North Face
Info: Attempted to climb 2 different couloirs on the North Face. One at 6:30am and one at 7:00am. Both were too soft (postholing up to our knees) and appeared to have remnants of small wet slides. There is one lookers left of the summit that appears to have shade longer in the day (especially if you stay to the left by the rocks). Maybe if we get some freeze thaw that one would be good. Lookers right of the summit gets sun very early in the day. Looking back at the map that entire face does face slightly E so I guess you need to get up to the summit by 5:30 this time of year. 1st Picture is the N face of American Peak taken from Handies. 2nd Picture shows a closer view with Red Line showing the line with more shade. 
alpinenut  2014-06-02   2             
2013-05-26  Route: North Face
Info: Independence Couloir is in good shape from top to bottom. Patriot Couloir is getting thin at the top, but is still doable on continuous snow - for a few more days, then the top 100 feet or so will be melted out. We did not need flotation in American Basin (to or from the base of the couloirs). Pic 1 - North face Pic 2 - Looking down Patriot from above Pic 3 - Close up of Independence 
BobbyFinn  2013-05-27   3      2       

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