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Mt. Cameron  
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2014-12-05  From Kite Lake  See my conditions report on Democrat. After I gave up on Democrat I went to Mt. Cameron. This is a straight forward easy hike from the Saddle. Nelson   2014-12-05  0       
2013-10-19  From Democrat (Kite Lake)  Brutal. The wind was strong from the beginning at 7am...and all the way up. At summit, clear but wind was very strong. Drifts from saddle between Democrat and Cameron went up to 3 ft in some areas. The temp was around 20, but with the 60+ mph STEADY gusts for last half mile up, it was WELL BELOW ZERO. Wulfkuhle   2013-10-19 1       
2013-09-26  Kite lake to saddle  Some snow on the trail from the saddle between Democrat and Cameron. Extreme wind gusts this morning. spartan7mg   2013-09-26  0       
2013-03-30  Quartzville  In off the top but a bit boney. XC Snowboarder   2013-03-31  0  1    
2012-10-21  Kite Lake to saddle of Democrat & Cameron  Minimal snow on trail going up Cameron from the saddle between Democrat and Cameron (the snow that is there is easily avoidable). Very pleasant at the wind, just soaked in the warmth of the sun! gabsimonelouise   2012-10-22  0       
2012-06-01  From Kite Lake  The there are small stretches of snow drift covering about 1/2 the trail in some areas (easily avoided my staying to the outside of the trail). Overall the the trail is perfect and clear. Jeremya   2012-06-02  0       
2012-05-27  From Kite Lake  Mostly snow free, and the few snowy places were hardpacked and/or avoidable. We had microspikes in our packs and didn‘t bother to put them on. Some of the class two sections still have fairly loose rock and mud. krishcane   2012-05-27  0       
2011-12-17  From Mt Bross trail  The trail from Mt Bross to Cameron has some snow in places but is easily passable without snow shoes. The East face of Cameron has a decent snow covering - enough to glissade down. Lots of bare sports making it an easy ascent. The trial from Cameron down towards Democrat is snow covered but not deep. I used micro-spikes all the way down. wincoder   2011-12-18  0       

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