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2015-06-21  Route: East slopes
Info: Got a great look at the standard route for this lowly 13er. Looks like most of the route above tree line has melted off and only a few snowfields you might have to deal with. There are some old snow fields still present in the trees and willows above the TH but look like minimal work to get through. Summer conditions are almost there. 
EatinHardtack  2015-06-21   0   1          
2015-06-07  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: Road is completely clear all the way to the trailhead near 11,600 feet. From there, if you keep following the road track there is no snow (just mud) until the elevation gain starts, where there are tracks all the way to the summit. The snow is almost continuous from treeline to the summit, with just a couple breaks of dry ground in the middle. We had perfectly hard snow in the early morning, and by 9 am it was already softening up quite a bit. 
Tony1  2015-06-08   0             
2015-05-27  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: Road clear to trailhead, so my Elantra had no problem reaching the end. Lots of snow. The snow surface was hard and packed in the early hours, so my snowshoes were probably unnecessary, but the snowshoes were very helpful on the way down as the temperature rose. 
JasonKline  2015-05-27   0   3          
2015-05-10  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: With variable conditions abounding across the state; we opted to stick to a lower pitched line. Pennsylvania Mountain fit this bill. In fact overly - the terrain is barely steep enough to keep any speed riding down! It still beat hiking both ways. The skiers in the group had a much easier time on the flatter sections. The central mountain ranges in the state are looking very white currently (cloudy conditions blocked many photo ops today). Overall a fun day out, catching up with friends & making some turns! 
TakeMeToYourSummit  2015-05-10   3   2          
2014-06-22  Route: SE slopes
Info: Avoidable snow patches in willows and on slopes. Mostly tundra/talus. We bee-lined straight to the summit rather than taking the circuitous trail due to impending storms. The trail looked mostly dry. 
Monster5  2014-06-22   0             
2012-11-04  Route: South slopes via Sacramento Creek
Info: The steep south slopes are snow free. On top there is some drifting and the snow quality varies from sugary to moderately wind-packed. It can be mostly avoided. Co rd 14/ Sacramento Creek rd is passable for 2wd. The ridge containing Mt Evans B to Treasure Vault mtn looked a bit snowier but the backside(s) of London and Loveland looked mostly snow free. 
tdawg012  2012-11-05   0             

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