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Square Top Mountain A  
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2014-11-27  Southeast Ridge  The first 1mi or so has a lot of snow drifts in the willows. Definitely regretted leaving the snowshoes in the car, but once beyond the willows the route is good to go. About 3 or 4 inches of snow along the remaining route, microspikes may be nice if it freezes but not needed as of now. BlenderHead   2014-11-27 3     Edit Delete 
2013-12-19  South-southeast Ridge  Hike in from Guanella Pass road. Deep snow in places but firm on traveled paths. Mostly no snow on the ridges above tree line. Easily hikeable in crappy boots. Summit and summit ridge is generally snow-free. Risky snowfields are completely avoidable. thurs   2013-12-19 2  1    
2012-07-16  Square Top Lakes Trail  Nice and clear hike up Square Top yesterday. From the trail turn off there isn‘t a clear trail in place just follow the long steep rib to the summit ridge. Great wild flower hike right now! MTGOAT72   2012-07-17  0       
2012-06-17  Southeast Ridge  Route to the top from Guanella Pass is snow free. Not a snow field in sight on this side of the mountain. MC.Ikema   2012-06-19  0     Edit Delete 
2012-06-03  Silver Dollar Lake  MAde it up Square Top and Argentine from the Silver Dollar Lake TH. The trail has some downed trees to contend with from the point you leave the car to a little ways below treeline. After that there is some mud to contend with until you get up to the small lake west of Silver Dollar Lake. I worked my way up the talus to the summit of Square Top, then took the ridge down to the saddle between ST and Argentine. The ridge up to Argentine is carrying some snow still, but you can get around most if not all of it. I was planning to continue on to Wilcox but got worried about the weather and bailed. Descending from Argentine toward Wilcox you will have to currently cross one good sized snow field, but its easily manageable. metalmountain   2012-06-04  0       
2012-06-01  NW Ridge via Argentine Pass  From the Argentine TH on the west (Summit County) side, there are a few minor snowfields on the trail (the old road) below treeline. Above treeline are two major snowfields, one of which is steep and at least 100 long. Microspikes highly recommended; otherwise safest way across is to ascend ~50 vertical feet, cross where the slope is gentler and return to trail. Summer conditions above Argentine Pass no matter where you go; all snow is easily avoided. TravelingMatt   2012-06-01  0       
2012-05-26  Southeast Ridge  Some snow, ice and runoff puddles, but no major obstacles. Thunderable   2012-05-26 2     Edit Delete 
2012-05-21  Northeast Ridge via Square Top Lakes  Snow free Matt Lemke   2012-05-21  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-13  Southeast Ridge  Ascended Square Top from Guanella Pass, traversed to Argentine, bailed on the ridge to Wilcox due to lightning and whiteout conditions. Descended to Naylor Lake and followed the road back to the pass. Looks like treemageddon hit on the road from Guanella Pass to Naylor Lake. Lots of tree scrambling and skirting to be had. More snow than I expected to see, but still very little. Flotation was not needed, nor was traction. Snow was about sole-deep most of the time, but there was some occasional deeper postholing to be had along the way. Photos: anna   2012-05-18 4     Edit Delete 
2011-12-10  Southeast Ridge  I climbed Square Top today and the conditions were incredible. Perfect weather and very little snow. What snow has fallen on the route is blown and melted off. I didn‘t need flotation or traction. A little postholing in the willows at the start but nothing serious. Great climb. jeremy27   2011-12-10  0     Edit Delete 
2011-06-01  square top, argentine, wilcox combo  Did the Square Top, Argentine, Wilcox combo. Up to Square Top patchy snow, but can be mostly avoided. No need for snowshoes. Same for Square Top Argentine Traverse. I returned by the going around the top side of Murray Lake and then roughly along the 12600 contour to avoid going back over the first two peaks (so the N slope of Square Top). Snow on that slope was fairly deep, often unavoidable, and I ended up post holing quite a bit. Guanella Pass is open all the way across from both sides, however it is closed for construction 8-11 and 1-3 weekdays. During the open times you still may need to wait a 1/2 hour or so for a pilot car on the Georgetown side. luckyzsquirrel   2011-06-01  0       
2010-12-26  Southeast Ridge  Approach from Grant side, parked 0.8 mile short of winter gate, snow too deep to proceed (Toyota Tacoma 4 WD), snow machine track to pass, road well packed no snowshoes needed to pass. I cut off the road, headed toward Squaretop, snow 2+ feet deep, powder offering no flotation for snowshoes, fine for group with lead rotation, a bear for a solo act. Wyoming Bob   2010-12-26  0     Edit Delete 

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