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Mt. Lincoln  
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2015-08-01  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Excellent hiking conditions. No extra gear necessary. 
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2015-07-10  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Peak received a dusting of snow as well and there are several snow fields that need to be crossed. Some ice as well but not enough to warrant traction. 
tjerasdave  2015-07-10   0             Delete
2015-06-27  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: Hiked up Lincoln on the jeep trail. No major snow until the peak itself. We went up from the SE and there was a lot of deep postholing. After summitting we learned that it would have been easier to hike up Lincoln from the NE. This side had a much smaller and less steep snowfield. We went over to Bross with no major issues. We then hiked down from the Cameron Bross saddle down into Cameron Amphitheater. There was a lot of scree and it was fairly stable, we had to zig zag to avoid a number of snowfields. We brought microspikes, but didn‘t feel like we needed them. Our shoes did get soaked going up Lincoln. Another couple of weeks and these peaks will be essentially snow free. We had a view of Democrat and there appeared to be continuous snow from the Cameron saddle all the way to the peak. Cameron also still retained quite a bit of snow. 
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2015-06-21  Route: Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross
Info: Carried snowshoes and ice axes but never took them off the pack for the full four peak circuit, we certainly regretted the extra weight though. We hiked Democrat in the morning (starting at 5:30AM), definitely do this one early. There was lots of snow cover, but firm enough in the morning that microspikes and trekking poles were sufficient. We then did the ridge loop to hit Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross and bare boots were fine the whole way. Some patches of soft snow (60‘s degF) on the ridge, but easy enough that we didn‘t bother to put the snowshoes on. Ridge trails are mostly dry. 
dleighto  2015-06-22   0             
2015-06-20  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Walked on snow from Kite Lake, and used Crampons ascending toward the Democrat-Cameron saddle. Climbed Democrat first, then Cameron. Ascent to Cameron was in boots, very windy and warm. Water is melting fast, but there‘s still a a couple weeks or more of snow up there. To Cameron was 80% dry. From Cameron, there is a large drift to the due east, but to the north east (more left from the due line to Lincoln) it is passable in boots. Trail to Lincoln is 90% dry. 
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2015-05-09  Route: Russian Couloir
Info: Skied Cameron yesterday but passed right under Russian. Pics... 
BillMiddlebrook  2015-05-10   4   2   1       
2015-04-30  Route: Lincoln Amphitheatre
Info: Lincoln "cabin run" from Mont. Res. is in for a summit ski. I was on the steeps at 8am and wouldn‘t have wanted it to be later than that. Fat white lines abound in the Tenmile. 
lodgling  2015-04-30   5   4      Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2015-04-23  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: Continuous snow coverage on Lincoln‘s east shoulder, Cameron Amphitheater, and Kite Lake Pictures taken from a loop of Lincoln, Cameron and Bross from Lincoln‘s east shoulder with ski descent of Moose Gulch from Bross. Was able to ski directly back to the Moose Gulch TH described in Roach‘s book Pic 1: Lincoln‘s summit hump from ~13,300‘ Pic 2: Bross from Lincoln‘s summit Pic 3: Cameron and Democrat from the summit of Lincoln Pic 4: Kite Lake Pic 5: Lincoln from Bross Pic 6: Democrat from (South?) Bross Pic 7: Cameron from South Bross Pic 8: Base of Moose Gulch 
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2015-04-12  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Road closed at Paris Mill. Short patch of snow for 1/4, then road is bare for about 3/4 mile. Can ski some of it on side of road. Snow from 11,000 to 13,000, then mostly talus. 
frankstern  2015-04-13   0             Delete
2015-04-11  Route: Lincoln Amphitheatre
Info: The steep part of the climb below the amphitheater is well covered in snow that softens quite a bit in the afternoon. I found crampons and an axe necessary here. The amphitheater, which is the middle section, is mostly dry with lots of scree. The upper section towards the 4WD has some grassy sections and is half exposed, half covered. The peak itself is covered in snow. In the morning not too much postholing, although in the afternoon snow shoes could be helpful in the upper section. And climbing up on the snow is easier than on the scree. 
stefan_SCHWEIZER  2015-04-13   0             Delete
2015-03-18  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: Snow hike from the 4x4 turnoff. Intermittent snow and snow fields the entire road/route, however, route was bare of snow on many parts of the road/route. Snow was very hard and consolidated and snowshoes or spikes were not needed all the way to the summit. Avy risk was minimal or non-existent. Cut and paste the following link to see pics. http://www.jackieandalan.com/mtlincoln.html 
Alan Ellis  2015-03-22   0             Delete
2015-03-15  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: Traction highly recommended for easier climbing overall. We went up Lincoln->Cameron->Bross and descended roughly from the Bross-Cameron saddle. Recommend starting early to avoid major post holing, particularly on the final few hundred feet to the summit of Lincoln. Snowshoes recommended on the way down in the trees, it was miserable without it. 
LoveThisSite  2015-03-17   0             Delete
2015-03-14  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: I climbed and skied Lincoln, Cameron and Bross (did not ski Bross) today. I was amazed at how thin the coverage was. The top 500 ft. of Lincoln east facing was good (like corn). The main gully in Cameron Amphitheatre was skiable but not without hitting rocks. Cameron and Bross were pretty much unskiable on all aspects. I did major damage to my skis today. I had a good look at Democrat. The south slopes looked like continuous coverage and the south east slope looked good. The East face had bout 700 ft of good snow from the top. After that there is no way through. You would have to down climb 200-300 ft. to the saddle. On the tour I did from Quartzville I would call the avy level low. I was not on any North Faces. The sun was intense and will take it‘s toll on the East through south faces. 
Nelson  2015-03-14   0             Delete
2015-01-31  Route: Diamond Coulior (S face of NE Ridge)
Info: Approach from Montgomery Reservoir to the ice climbing area is well packed. Most lower angle ice at the falls is fat, blue, plastic and fun climbing; the steeper pillars are badly picked-out. Snow in the Lincoln Amphitheater is about 50% amazing and 50% punchy wallowing. It is possible to follow the moraine/rock virtually all way to the base of the coulior if desired. Snow in the "Diamond Coulior" (prominent feature on the S Face of Lincoln‘s NE Ridge) is generally stable and about 80% great kicking and front pointing. The steepest sections - short constrictions up to 55+/- degrees - are wallow-y but easy to pull through using rock along the side of the coulior. Where extant, cornices are small and easily climbed around. Not a threat to the climb at the moment. Slopes to the summit are soild. Decent down the standard amphitheater is stable and mostly solid with occasional knee-deep sections. Any sizable accumulation will change life in the coulior dramatically. I think I was lucky to catch this in abnormally good conditions for this time of year and imagine that spring is typically a safer bet for good climbing conditions. 
jekramak  2015-02-01   0             
2014-12-06  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: Snow is intermittent from TH until ~13,000ft and gets deeper as you proceed to Lincoln. Snowshoes were very helpful. I gained the ridge by bearing right and going up the hill instead of left towards the cameron amphitheater and that route proved fine; however, you could easily go towards the cameron amphitheater, a route I opted for on return, as there was far less snow there than I had thought when I was trip planning. Beware, significant snow buildup of snow on Lincoln north face which made it very treacherous. Almost called it about 100 feet from summit with no axe as the loose snow creates an exponential steepness. A much safer route would be to go right and around the final pitch and then take the summit from the south side. On the return, I followed the creek basin pretty much all the way from cameron ampitheater. About 2-3 feet of snow there. 
cyrrus  2014-12-09   0             Delete
2014-11-08  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Did the Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross route clockwise. Car to car took 4hr 53min. No problem getting to Kite lake. Some snow on the shady parts of the road but other than that it is clear. Conditions on the mountain(s) were perfect other than the wind. Gusts up to 60mph. Democrat has the most snow, but nothing too deep. Trip was done in a pair of Ganda Guide approach shoes. Recommend mini spikes if you are not comfortable ascending/descending on packed snow and ice. 
dogballs  2014-11-08   0             Delete
2014-07-28  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: No snow/ice on the trail and in very good conditions. A little windier that on the saddle but nothing to worry about. 
emgordon  2014-07-29   0             Delete
2014-06-20  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: We had a little trouble finding trailhead. Just look for the crest rd sign. There was some runoff water on the trail but easily avoided. A little snow near the summit, again, easily managed in regular shoes. We hiked Lincoln to Cameron to Broad and back. Gorgeous day and an amazing sunset!!!! 
looneydoug  2014-06-22   2   1   1   Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-06-20  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Snow is melting fast and road was open all the way to Kite Lake. Hiked Bross, Lincoln and Cameron in that order. No snow on Bross and just a couple easy patches to cross the saddle to Lincoln. Trail up to Lincoln only had one easy to cross patch of snow. Lots of people on the summit. Some snow on crest of Cameron but easily avoided. Trail to saddle with Democrat was mostly clear with just a patch or two of snow to avoid. We glissaded down two extensive snow patches as we descended from the Democrat/Cameron saddle down to Kite Lake (which was still frozen over). Beautiful day, no clouds, light wind--best conditions for hiking of 4 times I have gone there. 
lkaras  2014-06-22   5         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete
2014-06-15  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: I did Cameron, Lincoln and Bross ( i know stone me) today. The trail was 75% snow free. I have included some pics for reference. The pic of the snow crossing is early on going up to the saddle between Democrat and Cameron. Microspikes are a good idea for morning time. After gaining the saddle the trail to Lincoln is snow free. To Bross there is a snowfield about 100 feet long, at that point the snow was soft though. The road to Kite Lake still has a decent drift blocking it about a quarter of a mile from the TH..... dry until that point. 
jwagner  2014-06-15   3         Rotate Image(s)  Edit  Delete

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