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2016-10-20  Route: East Slopes
Info: Trail has minimal snow until around 12,400'; past that there's a layer of about 3-4". Microspikes were nice to have. 
emself  2016-10-21   2             
2016-10-16  Route: East Slopes
Info: Wow, what a beautiful day for a hike. There were a couple ruts in the road up to the trailhead -- so if you don't have 4-wheel drive that might be difficult to pass, especially as snowfall increases. As of right now though, no snow was present on the road. We started at about 8:15 in morning and were finished by 3:00. Microspikes were definitely not required, but would have been nice in some of the more icy/packed snow patches along the trail. Apart from the occasional monstrous wind gusts up above 13,500 ft, conditions were beyond ideal for a nice little half-day autumn escapade. 
avvilliams  2016-10-17   1             
2016-10-15  Route: East Slopes
Info: Hiked Grays Peak on 10/15/16. Late start, so left the trail head at the bridge around 1:15pm. Never needed microspikes. There were some spots where they could have been useful, but decided to keep them in the bags. Weather was quite windy on the way up, but mellowed out on the way down. Day was beautiful. My fiancee was not really wanting to hike, but she pushed forward. Her lack of desire slowed us down a little, so we summited about 4:30pm. We decided to save Torreys for another day. We got a good downhill jog in through the switchbacks, but then her knees really started hurting and our speed slowed tremendously. She pretty much limped down the rest of the way, so we hit the bridge around 7:00pm. 
TT Summit  2016-10-16   0             
2016-09-26  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: Did Grays today, would have done Torreys but time-limited due to plans back in Denver. Snow on trail in some few areas higher up, no ice, and great weather. Most of trail up to wooden Grays/Torreys sign free of snow except around stone steps. I picked up a set of microspikes before heading out this morning but never needed them - any places where you could not avoid snow had steps already kicked in. Of course, this is a personal risk assessment, so not all may agree. 
Aramis  2016-09-26   5             
2016-09-25  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: Awesome hike! Here a few bits of information I collected today: Road to the Trailhead: Dirt road essentially straight from the I-70 exit. Easily passable for the first two miles with a few ruts and rocks in the road that might make a 2WD vehicle feel a little iffy. At about two miles in, there is a stretch where the potholes span the whole width of the road, and they are DEEP. In a Subaru Outback, I had to be careful navigating these -- not going to fib, I bottomed out going up and coming back later, but was still able to pass. In the afternoon, I noticed that all the low clearance/2WD vehicles were parked right around this area. Trailhead: I arrived at 5:45AM. There were still lots of open spots, but the folks were coming for sure. The Trail: Cold morning. The trail is really well-maintained, and you can easily follow it from bottom to top. No issue there. From about 13,000 ft up, snow has started to stick. I didn't have my spikes with me, but if I could do it over, I would have brought them. Trekking poles were helpful especially on the descent from the peaks. Bring layers - that wind is ICY up there! 
GrizzlyWhitman  2016-09-25   6             
2016-09-11  Route: East Slopes
Info: Small patches of ice near the top of the trail, very easy to avoid as long as you watch your step. I tried poking some holes in them with trekking poles to test the softness, and they were pretty soft. Started out at 4:40am, and soon as I got above treeline I could see clouds to the ESE, but otherwise, it was clear. Gradually the cloud cover built up until over the half the sky was shrouded by 10am. Got some nice sunrise shots of the clouds! It was gusty and windy. Sometimes the gusts were so strong I was knocked back a little (weight: 110 lbs). A strong gust took my favorite hat with neck flaps, but I luckily still had a neck gaiter and woolen hat underneath. The forecast calls for precip the next several days, so this may have been the last summer day. 
solostyle  2016-09-12   1   4          
2016-09-07  Route: Kelso Ridge
Info: No snow on the Kelso Ridge route. Minimal snow on the way down from Gray's. 
MOJO8800  2016-09-08   0             
2016-09-05  Route: East Slopes
Info: Perfect day. Clear, great visibility. Windy at the top but otherwise nearly perfect weather. There was snow at the top but not so much that you could not find a way to easily avoid it. The kids hiked in running shoes. 
Reisdorf  2016-09-06   0             
2016-09-04  Route: East Slopes
Info: I also hiked on Sept. 4th. I agree with the snow conditions on the switchbacks. It starts about half way up the final switchbacks to Grays. Trekking poles help but you can pass on the loose rocks next to the snowy trails. As for parking, do not stop around the 1.4 mile mark from I70 if you see other cars parked there. I also made the mistake of parking and walking an extra 1.5 miles to the trailhead. I attached several photos of the rut. Numerous minivans and stock SUVs got passed it by going around then to the driver's left. 
docanime  2016-09-05   3   1          
2016-09-04  Route: East Slopes
Info: My wife and I hiked this on Sunday, Sept. 4th. The initial weather reports were that it was going to be clear all day, but that changed very quickly. Weather patterns were changing on the slope every 15 minutes from sleet to rain to sunshine and wind. Overall, the conditions of the trail are quite good. There is hard snow pack from about ~13,250ft and up. This was quite slick on the way down without traction, but quite do-able. There are plenty of rocks on the side that are not covered if you prefer. RE: Parking, don't make our mistake and assume you need to park when you see a few cars parked on the side already. There were plenty of spots in front of where we parked, including 1 last spot at the trailhead. Enjoy! 
AuburnJosh  2016-09-05   0             
2016-08-30  Route: East Slopes
Info: Snow on Grays down to about 13,000'. Traction is useful, but not necessary. I didn't use any, but made steady progress by kick stepping and using the rocks along the edge. Grays/Edwards ridge has snow on the northface as well, but ridge direct looks mostly dry. Torreys standard route was dry. Bierstadt's standard route had snow as well from what I could see to about the same altitude. Other than that all of the lower peaks were all dry. Road going up has one place with a deep ruts about 1.4 miles from the TH, most low clearance cars will not make it through. It's a very short stretch, maybe 10' to 15', but deep holes, moving to the upslopeside of the road can help get through, but be careful. A line of cars were parked there on way out. The road is in good condition for the most part. 
boudreaux  2016-08-30   0             
2016-08-27  Route: East Slopes
Info: All in all a beautiful (crowded) hike, although we were surprised to find a fair amount of snow for the final third of the ascent. Really wished we had brought microspikes or crampons to avoid so much slipping and sliding, but we made do. Thankful we wore boots at least! We'll bring spikes next time. 
Dana Logsden  2016-08-27   0             
2016-08-16  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: The trailhead parking lot was almost full at 5:45am on a Tuesday, so get there early! The weather was brisk but warmed up quickly when the sun came over the mountains. The trail is in great shape, very easy to follow. We summited Grays Peak first with no problems, completely clear weather. We started to come down the trail toward the saddle and some dark clouds started rolling in. We met a few people along the way before our push up to Torreys that said they heard thunder. Keeping a weary eye on the clouds, we pushed up to summit Torreys. It started to snow and then about 1 minute later started hailing. Hearing some more thunder, we rushed down back to the saddle, getting pelted with small hail along the way. Once back to the trail junction, the weather seemed to calm down a bit. The rest of the way down was a mix of snow, rain, and sunshine. Keep a close eye on the clouds on these peaks because the weather changed in minutes. 
keperalta27  2016-08-17   2             
2016-08-13  Route: East Slopes
Info: I arrived at trailhead around 10:25 and reached the top around 12:30. Overall, it was a great hike and the weather was magnificent all the way up and all the way down. The road up to the trailhead was packed with cars all the way down the road. Found a spot in the top lot for parking and got really lucky. The road is very rocky and not well maintained, so make sure that your car is either 4WD, or AWD, so that way it is easier to drive up. I have a Subaru outback and it did well on the rocks. Piece of advice though; I would recommend starting out early in the morning because as the day goes on, the trail becomes very crowded. But other than that, great hike and would be a good one to get your feet wet in the adventuring of Colorado 14er's. 
ZacharyG10  2016-08-13   0      1       
2016-08-06  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: We arrived at the trailhead parking area at 5:15 AM and the two main lots were already full. When we left at 10:45 AM, cars were parked for a mile down the road. Clear trail all the way to Grays and over to Torrey's. Route down from the saddle was also clear of snow. Road conditions up to the trailhead were slippery due to recent rains. Had to activate 4WD twice when traffic stopped and rear wheels slipped on the road. Summit was cloudy with rain, sleet, and moderate 20 mph wind gusts. View cleared up below 13,500 feet. Still fun to summit with non-convective weather! 
MBerela  2016-08-08   0             
2016-08-01  Route: East Slopes
Info: I counted 8 paper or cardboard signs on the summit. If you need to hold up a cardboard sign in your summit photo, don't worry, you're set. If you're hiking with a group of 8, and you all need to hold a sign, you're good. One of the signs included the elevation in meters, so if you don't like imperial units, you'll still be alright. One of the signs was laminated, so if there's a torrential rain storm, that one should still be there. A 9th sign said "Torreys peak", so if you're unsure which mountain you've climbed, you can do an additional photo with that one. I'm hoping that this info can help you go lighter and not carry your own sign up. I've heard that those cardboard things are really heavy, you might get so tired that you have to abandon it on the summit and add it to the pile. 
dereferenced  2016-08-02   0   5   3       
2016-07-23  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: Parked at Route 70 exit 221 before the dirt road started. Started at the trail head at about 7:15 am. Lots of people were there and parking was backed up about 1.5 miles on the road. Great summer conditions. I did Grays first. Water is low and easy to cross. On the way down from Torrey you will cross 100 foot of snow. Well worn trail in the snow. 
slysalimander  2016-07-24   1             
2016-07-11  Route: East Slopes
Info: Got in pretty late about 9 in the parking lot on a Monday. There were 30-40 cars around. Weather pretty great in the 50s though gusty up top 30mph. The trail up to grays was clear and dry except for a few rivulets, nothing that will get your feet wet. Still some snow on the path high up coming back from Torreys to Grays but otherwise clear and dry. Fair number of people on the trail, but not bothersome. Lots of wildflowers, really a beautiful hike. 
uvajosh  2016-07-11   0             
2016-07-09  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: Arrived Saturday morning at 6:00am. The trailhead was very crowded. I suggest arriving earlier if you want a "quieter" start. The road up to the trailhead is quite rough - I wouldn't advise going up to the trailhead in a car with lower clearance, although I did see some that had made it all the way up. The trail all the way up to the summit of Grays was perfect. No issues, no snow. The saddle down and up to Torreys was perfect as well. The return route from Torreys across the face of Grays still has snow that you have to traverse. The snow part is about 100-200 feet long, but there is a packed down path that isn't too bad to cross. If you have water resistant gloves you can steady yourself on the snow to your right as you come down. After the snow portion the trail isn't as clearly marked although you can see where you need to go - this portion of the trail is also quite gravely and rocky and isn't quite stable so take caution as you make your way back to the main trail down Grays. Once you meet up with the original trail it is smooth sailing all the way back to the trailhead. 
Colorado_Chris  2016-07-13   0             
2016-06-25  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: Hiked on a Saturday. Arrived at upper parking lot around 5:30 a.m. Already full. Had to turn around and park 100 yards down on road. On trail at 5:55 a.m. Temperature was between 55 and 70 all day. Running water on trail in places while walking up from parking lot to base of Grays. Not too bad. I hiked in cross-training tennis shoes. No snow on trail up to Grays. No snow on trail down to saddle to Torreys. No snow on trail up to Torreys. No water on trail between Grays and Torreys. Came back down Torreys and took trail that crosses back to main trail. Had to cross about 130 yards of packed snow. Advise poles for this area, because if you slip you are sliding down steep mountainside into rocks below. 
cwllmwl5  2016-07-01   0             

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