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Grays Peak  
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2014-09-20  East Slopes  Started around 5:30 AM, beautiful conditions/colors on lower part of trail, frost covering rocks on higher elevations (>13,500) made it a bit slippery. No new snow accumulation or snow on trail at all. Remaining snow accumulations can be seen down couloirs of Torreys. Saddle easier than expected (Class 2 ranking but conditions very favorable) and dog had no trouble, also some frost on rocks of Torreys out of direct sunshine. Crowds light when we started, got much heavier on descent. Thanks to the trail crews out working! Climbswithpooch   2014-09-22  0     Edit Delete 
2014-09-14  Grays and Torreys  I took a zoomed in photo of Grays (left) and Torreys (right) from Mt. Parnassus today (9/14). You can see the standard route up Grays in the photo (the white line zigzagging up the slope), and part of Kelso Ridge up Torreys. Looks like a bit of snow up high, but not too deep. polar   2014-09-14 1     Edit Delete 
2014-09-06  Grays and Torreys  Snow still on the trails on Grays, mostly above 13,000. Trails are easy to find, but slick due to snow. Good boots recommended. Dexman1349   2014-09-07  0     Edit Delete 
2014-09-05  East Slopes  Snowy conditions in the early morning, melting off substantially throughout the day. Morning trail was slick and slushy. Good shoes/boots recommended, waterproof recommended. Above 13k, had to trail blaze through a solid 3" of snow to the summit. I brought my microspikes because of the forecast and was really glad I had them. Not sure the snow will hold, but it was surprising. Blue6String   2014-09-06  0     Edit Delete 
2014-08-31  East Slopes  Very icy at the top!! We we‘re not prepared for winter weather and some people even less so. With the wind and snow, it made for a slick and dangerous descent. Bring rain gear and warm gloves!! There was snow on the peak before we started and there was a half inch added today! caseylynn39   2014-08-31  0     Edit Delete 
2014-08-08  Grays and Torreys  Mid afternoon climb with my dad. Started just before 1PM and we were back to the car by 5. Excellent day for climbing... eyes on the sky! Trail is excellent although it is easy to get off the main trail. Fortunately, they all lead to the same place so it isn‘t a big deal. Keep going up or down. You‘ll know if something isn‘t right. Excellent views of Lake Dillon, Evans, Bierstadt, and even Longs. Enjoy! wbuck   2014-08-09  0     Edit Delete 
2014-08-02  Grays and Torreys  Great conditions on the trail - though I‘d definitely recommend hiking boots or extra socks as there is a lot of running water on the trail. Wet feet in tennis shoes will make you very unhappy! EricaG   2014-08-02  0     Edit Delete 
2014-07-11  East Slopes  Route is in full summer conditions. No snow along the standard trail. The only snowfield remaining is at the saddle between Grays and Torries and is about 200ft long. There is a good trench through it, or if very uncomfortable with snow you can hike about 200ft up the trail to grays peak and cross there on talus and small trail segments back to the normal route. Andymcp1   2014-07-11  0     Edit Delete 
2014-07-08  East Slopes  There is a snowfield above the junction for the Torreys decent trail. It‘s less than 100‘ and at 9:50 there was no ice, just cool, soft snow. Over half the trail from the Grays / Torreys saddle to the junction is deep snow, but it is packed down so that even in the afternoon there wasn‘t any post holing. Most importantly the wildflowers are awesome! About a half hour in and for the next hour of hiking it‘s all fields of wildflowers. More than a dozen varieties, and more photos than you can take, await your eyes. mspalding   2014-07-10 1     Edit Delete 
2014-07-04  East Slopes  I got to the trailhead the night before. Was the only car there (that would change lol). Road up to trailhead was filled with large potholes. I have driven up this road in a small car a year ago but I would not recommend it if you care about the car. I started up to the peak early at 2AM. It was freezing cold, don‘t know the exact temperature but it felt at least like 32F. A few little streams of water and unavoidable puddles to cross because of the big melt. Only 1 large patch of snow on the path around 12,500 feet you have to cross about 4 or 5 car lengths long. Microspikes were not needed just be careful of each step not to sprain an ankle. Some of the snow can drop down abruptly below your steps unexpectedly. You can avoid this patch if you walk out around it but there really isn‘t a need to walk around it. Not much more snow on the way up. A few icy patches around 14,000 which weren‘t avoidable. Later on in the day these parts were melted. No snow at the top of Grays. Didn‘t traverse to Torreys but other people I spoke to who did said the path between the two was snow free even though it might not appear that way from a distance. Later on in the day a lot of people were forming a route straight down the snow from the traverse between Grays and Torreys. By the time I was leaving there was about 400 people coming up the trail (not exaggerating) and going back down the 4 to the highway was difficult because so many people parked along parts of the road that were only about the width of 1.5 cars. So I had to be very careful not to hit their cars while my car was jolting from side to side on the large holes in the road. Great conditions though and great climb. Than217   2014-07-05 4     Edit Delete 
2014-07-04  East Slopes  The road up to the upper parking is okay, most low clearance sedans were making it, though one got stuck for a short period as I walked up the road (about .9 miles up is the spot that seemed to be the worst). The route up Grays is mostly free of snow, just a few short paths through. But it was getting slippery on the way down as the sun accelerated the melt. The path up to Grays has a fair bit of water, with a couple crossings where it would be over your boots except for rocks to step on. From Grays to Torreys the route is clear of snow and in good condition. There were quite a few people coming up Torreys from the Kelso ridge without any problems too. Torreys does have a bit of snow still on the summit. Coming down from Torreys the transition over to the trail down has a stretch of snow about 300 yds long, which by 1030 was getting slushy and slick. It is narrow, but well traveled but those not wearing hard sole boots should be very careful as the sun warms the snow. You can go up Grays a bit and get around this spot. There were a number of people sliding down the steep snow field that comes down from the saddle between Grays and Torreys. CosKarl   2014-07-04 4     Edit Delete 
2014-06-28  East Slopes  So I am just befuddled after today‘s climb. Grays was my husbands and I ‘s 2nd 14er after climbing Bierstadt 2 weeks ago. We had planned to hike Torrey‘s too but had to resign with the accomplishment of just one today. It was BITTER cold on Grays this morning. We started at 6 am and probably sumitted around 9. Many people turned around due to wind, cold, and very sloppy, icy conditions. We would not have made it ourselves if we weren‘t able to slip our extra wool socks over our gloves. Our fingers were burning and numb. The summit was disappointing as we were in the clouds with no view. Almost everyone was opting out of Torrey‘s and it‘s white out conditions. We got one of the last spots at summer trailhead at 5:45 am. Dirt road had some pretty sketchy areas and was particularly difficult coming down with all the vehicles parked along the road. Think I may never get hubby up another 14er after today. Forecast said clear skies so we were not expecting the blizzard conditions. I‘d appreciate any tip on better predicting conditions. Bierstadt 2 weeks ago was windy at times but not near as cold. To top it all off, we returned home to a sunny, super hot 85 degrees.?? brooked   2014-06-28 3  4    Edit Delete 
2014-06-21  Grays and Torreys  Climbed both Grays and Torreys peaks. There were few snow patches near the summit of Torreys and the way down to Torreys and the intersection Grays/Torreys trail. The trail condition was good. No ice axe needed but for some folks hiking poles and microspikes will be useful. rahman_77   2014-06-23  0     Edit Delete 
2014-06-16  East Slopes  Summer TH clear of snow. I started at 1130 and ran in t-shirt, shorts, and running shoes. If starting earlier, I would recommend traction device and ice axe. I would carry an ice axe if descending via the Gray-Torreys saddle. There is a packed-down bench for the traverse, but the cirque is still completely snow covered. ekviatnie   2014-06-16  0  1    Edit Delete 
2014-06-15  Grays and Torreys  Did the standard route. Still some large patches of snow, but well trampled. Recommend microspikes (or yaks), possibly gaiters if you‘re on late in the day and ice axe for the descent off of saddle. Those who didn‘t have traction said that they wished they did. Going up to Torreys is a breeze. Road to summer TH is totally clear. jonandmalia   2014-06-16 5     Edit Delete 
2014-06-11  Lost Rat Couloir  Lost Rat couloir was in decent shape today and no trouble getting to summer TH last night in Highlander AWD. Cornice noted in 5/21/2014 conditions report was still present albeit much smaller and less ominous. Biggest hazard was rock fall from an area halfway up the couloir along with the melted out top right. I was glad I wore my helmet and started early (5:15 from a camp in the basin right below). A few pics are attached for reference. bmcqueen   2014-06-11 2  3    Edit Delete 
2014-06-01  East Slopes  7:30 start for a hike-no skiing today. Soft spring conditions all the way up. Microspikes were perfect. Saw several folks with crampons, though they were "practicing" for a bigger peak. Saw several folks in tennis shoes and/or boots without added traction having difficulty making it very far. Back to the car by 130...lots of slush and post holing most of the way down. have fun!! sunscreen and sunglasses a must! tkruse   2014-06-02  0  5    Edit Delete 
2014-05-21  Lost Rat Couloir  Conditions were great during my pre-dawn start, but sunrise revealed a school bus sized cornice hanging directly over the route on the left side of the top exit. It was enough for me to retreat back down the couloir and call it a day. Personally would not recommend this route until the cornice breaks away, or is blasted. The picture included clearly shows the overhanging cornice at the top and is clearly visible in the daylight...just not during a 3am start. M1keey   2014-05-21 1  2    Edit Delete 
2014-05-19  East Slopes  Had to park just off the highway because the road to the Winter and Summer lots still had too much snow on it for my Subaru Tribeca. Hiked all the way in from there. Mostly ankle to thigh deep snow. Made the hike very slow. We were not able to summit because the hike took so long and was so tiring. Could have maybe done it with snowshoes. The only person we know of that summited had crampons, and we did not. Still a beautiful hike, did 12 miles there back in the snow. samgoss   2014-05-19 2     Edit Delete 
2014-04-25  East Slopes  The road was still covered with snow almost all the way to I-80. I was able to drive about 1/8 of a mile up, and there was evidence of others having gotten stuck attempting to go further up the road. So, from the exit of I-80, you can cross over the interstate and get to the mouth of the road to the TH. Left the car about 6:30am, snow on road was still firm. I stayed on top no problem on my skis and my dog stayed on top in the morning on the approach. There were 2 places the road was melted out, but short enough I just skinned right across the dirt. At the summer trailhead, followed snowshoe and boot tracks (I commend those that posthole for miles and miles...learn to ski!! I don‘t think I could do it.) Bridge was cross-able, but the snow bridge across the creek was also still very solid, so i just skinned around the bridge. Headed up the "Standard Route" from there. Great conditions for skinning, minor side-hill sloping to the left in places. Some point release slides from previous day or two on south facing slopes all the way in, as well as in the basin shared by Grays and Torreys. I came up into the bottom of the basin to get a good look at the peak and the rest of my route, then cut left/south to gain what is probably the most commonly used summer route. Traversed right/north from there with a couple small switchbacks to gain the saddle between Grays and Torreys. The last 100 yards being very hard-packed and the most tense part of the entire ascent, side-hilling being the most challenging skinning maneuver in my set of skills. Continued to skin for a while up the northeast ridge from the saddle until it got steep enough I packed my skis and booted up a friendly, meandering mix of rock and snow to the summit. Great summit conditions, got to hang out for a while, one other climber joined me. Just as I was leaving, a split-boarder and skier I had leapfrogged with all morning also arrived. Descent was straight-forward and smooth, essentially back down my ascent route. Carefully side-slipped my way through some of the top sections peppered with rocks, hard-packed to saddle. Dropped a section of cornice off the saddle onto the slope below (my dog needed a little extra encouragement there. The slopes here were much softer, though not quite corn. My tracks are easy to distinguish because they have a dog‘s tracks running through the middle of them. Traversed out below the chutes off Torrey‘s and had to carefully pick my way around rock mounds to stay on snow all the way out of the basin. The pair I left on the summit skied out Lost Rat Couloir and said they got some nice, powdery turns, crust in some places. LizaLou   2014-05-20 4     Edit Delete 

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