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Grays Peak  
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2014-04-18  East Slopes  Snow pretty much all the way up from I-70. Was 32 F at TH at 4 AM on Friday. Road well frozen. Wore microspikes to summer TH from there switched to snowshoes to put in the trail again. Wore shoes to the top of Grays - crampons probably would have been better especially on the side hill from 12800 ft to 13100 ft. Wore crampons over to Torreys and was better. The bowl between G&T has boot or more deep snow but was stable. One skier climbed Dead Dog and it was stable. Some skiers went down Emperor and said it was good with no slide risk. jimmtman   2014-04-19  0     Edit Delete 
2014-01-18  Southwest Ridge  Toured up Peru Gulch, to Chihuahua Gulch, to Ruby Gulch, then up the SW Ridge to Grays. Way bonier than I expected up high. Wind and sun have done a number. Once on the ridge we tossed our skis on our backs and booted the rest of the way on dry ground. Was able to ski a mellow couloir looker‘s left of the summit. Snow was rock solid boiler plate, but still nicer than hiking down. Skin track is laid, go have fun. (Pic 1 looking down SW Ridge into Chihuahua and Peru Gulchs...pic 2 looking at SW ridge from Ruby Gulch, we skied wide couloir looker‘s left of summit...pic 3 SW Ridge and summit...pic 4 making turns) jwinters   2014-01-18 4  4    Edit Delete 
2014-01-11  East Slopes  Skied in to about 12,000, then continued on foot to about 13,300. Conditions are great for skinning or snowshoeing up. Found one Stubai crampon, right foot. if anyone lost one, email me scottmoser   2014-01-18  0     Edit Delete 
2014-01-03  East Slopes  As of today there was a good trench to about 12,800 and then was mostly wind scoured/ packed. The winter trail cutoff to skirt the avalanche slopes of Kelso was very obvious, but takes you through many areas of waist deep snows. Snow shoes were very helpful. Andymcp1   2014-01-03  0     Edit Delete 
2014-01-01  East Slopes  The upper part of the mountain (above 13,000‘) is pretty scoured by wind, there‘s actually a fair bit of bare ground up there. Even the snow covered parts of the trail are pretty easy to find. markf   2014-01-02  0  3    Edit Delete 
2013-11-30  Grays and Torreys  I did the standard route up Grays and Torrey‘s 11-30. Round trip from trail head to trail head took 7 1/2 hours. I WOULD NOT do this route without snowshoes or crampons and trekking poles. You really don‘t need them until you start the traverses across Gray‘s eastern face. The trails are easily spotted as you approach the peak. Unlike in summer though these trails are not nice and flat, but rather covered in snow, making the traverse tricky as you are crossing it at an angle of 30-35 degrees. The snow pack was stable here as long as you don‘t go out into the middle of an open area but still be careful and check each step, its a long slide down. The sketchiest part of the trip was going down Gray‘s north ridge to the saddle separating the two peaks. My snowshoes proved to cumbersome and large to navigate the partially snow covered talus field and it was very slippery with my boots once I took off my snowshoes. My biggest take away from this trip was that the wintery condition take much more time than it does in the summer. alreed   2013-12-01  0     Edit Delete 
2013-10-06  East Slopes  Packed snow for most of the way once you begin climbing out of the valley. We hiked in boots and were fine. We didn‘t have spikes or gaiters, but gaiters would have been nice. Spikes were not necessary. dpm200   2013-10-07  0     Edit Delete 
2013-09-28  East Slopes  Lots of wind blown snow. We broke trail through 2-3‘ drifts on the switch backs that headed west. The switchbacks headed east had mostly no snow. Coming down, there was a mix of hard pack and powder. I‘d say gaiters and micro spikes will be needed after today gnargrizzly   2013-09-28 2     Edit Delete 
2013-09-01  Grays and Torreys  We got to the base at 6:15a and got to the summit by 10ish. I was pretty cold hiking up the entire time. Wore capris, tshirt, hat and my rain jacket but wished I had on pants, long sleeves, a beanie, and gloves. Pretty windy and cloudy at the peak too. It‘s getting to be autumn! Bring the layers! sde789   2013-09-04  0     Edit Delete 
2013-07-09  East Slopes  Good conditions. Still some snow near the trail which is causing water to saturate certain areas on the way up. COCardioCutie23   2013-07-10  0     Edit Delete 
2013-06-28  Grays and Torreys  There‘s a small amount of snow in places on the upper parts of the trails along this route, but not too bad. Very slick and icy at 6:30 a.m. (my sons and I did just fine without any special equipment), but they softened up very nicely by the time we descended. Today was just about the best high-elevation-hiking weather I‘ve ever had while hiking - so glad I was able to get up there! jsarche   2013-06-28  0  1  Edit Delete 
2013-06-22  East Slopes  Road was passable for SUV‘s - snow blockage nearly gone. Route had lots of running water, some mud, and a few snow patches with some slippery spots. There was little snow on Grays summit, more on Torreys but not a ton. Lots of people were glissading down from the snow-covered trail between the saddle and main Grays trail. Microspikes or trekking poles would be useful, especially if hitting Torreys also. Rainbow-K   2013-06-26 4     Edit Delete 
2013-06-15  East Slopes  The route was mostly clear, but the road to the trailhead was blocked by a large pile of snow roughly .5 miles from the trailhead. Some cars managed to make it over , but on our way down we saw someone digging out their SUV. The route to Grays was pretty clear. Lots of mud and running water on the trail, but nothing you can‘t cross easily. Many people choose to turn around at Photo #13; the north-facing ridge was clear everywhere accept for the foot trail. The more it melted, the more slippery it became and there were jagged rocks and a sharp drop. Yaktraks or Spikes would help, I manged with boots and a trekking pole... but take your time. Past that section, the route was mostly clear. One more snow field but it was not dangerous at all. With the rate at which the snow was melting, I wouldn‘t be surprised if the snow melts completely very soon. By the afternoon, many of the dry trails were soaked with snow melt and the snow/slush became harder to walk on. Still, the route was passable in just boots, many with just sneakers! We opted out of completing Torrey‘s peak, as we were running out of time. The path to Torrey‘s looked clear, but the trail leading down the mountain between Grays and Torrey‘s was still covered in snow. Several hikers were sliding down on their butts, however we opted out of that route as well. We left the car at 8:15 and finished the hike around 3:30. This included additional hiking time and distance due to where we had to park. We did take a few breaks and took our time. Spent a bit more time at the top than I would expect most people would. Roughly 7 hours round-trip! brikalongo   2013-06-17 4     Edit Delete 
2013-06-11  Lost Rat Couloir  Lost Rat couloir receives very early sunlight and as such was softening quickly upon our 630 am couloir entry. The apron was quite soft with multiple post-holes. The exit was melted out with appox 40‘ of 45deg awful scree to a 70 deg snow/ice 10ft climb to the climbers left. FatBaxter   2013-06-11  0     Edit Delete 
2013-06-08  East Slopes  Climbed and boarded Grays Peak‘s standard route this morning, in very windy weather! There is some snow on the lower route below the kiosk at 12,000‘, but the continuous snow started at 12,500‘ or so, above the Kelso trail turnoff. We were also hoping for Torreys, but decided not to in the end. The top of Grays is getting melted out fast, although there was some disconnected snow off the summit for 20 vertical feet or so. Below that, the snow was in great condition. We followed the snow down near the Grays-Torreys saddle and then dropped down the slope, almost under the saddle - steeper than the rest of Grays‘ East slope but the snow was excellent! DanielL   2013-06-08 4     Edit Delete 
2013-06-04  Grays and Torreys  Still a lot of snow on this route. Just about the only bare spot was the final stretch up to Grays -- other than that, it‘s all snow. Luckily, the snow was hard enough in the morning to climb without microspikes, but it was definitely softening up by the time I got down, around noon (it was a sunny day, but with strong winds, which I think kept the snow hard a little longer). Not sure spikes or snowshoes would help because it‘s that slushy, soft snow that‘s not really good for anything but postholing. The snow makes the trail hard to follow at times, but it‘s very well boot tracked, so it‘s easy enough to pick a line to the top. Seems like the snow is melting fast, but there‘s a good amount of it left. atilsley   2013-06-04  0     Edit Delete 
2013-02-09  East Slopes  Hiked East Slopes on Saturday. The first half of the trail was boot packed snow, the second half turned into knee deep to waist deep powder. We got tired of post holing so we decided to bee line to the peak skipping the trail and staying on top of the boulders. This was still extremely tiring. The way down we stuck to the trail and packed down some of the deep powder. roonming   2013-02-12 1     Edit Delete 
2013-02-05  East Slopes  Did the Grays/Torreys loop today. Hard pack/boot packed/bare trail all the way to summit. No need for snow shoes. Microspikes are pretty much mandatory. Trail is easy to follow. Beautiful day with no wind! Made it to the trail head in a Jeep! mrschaible   2013-02-06  0     Edit Delete 
2013-02-02  East Slopes  climbed the standard route up grays and torreys today. entire trail is boot packed and did not need snowshoes, but microspikes are a must. trail was easy to follow. mtn_nut   2013-02-02  0     Edit Delete 
2013-01-03  East Slopes  I used short snowshoes, other people got by fine with micro-spikes, etc. One or two people besides myself summited today, very easy for winter conditions. markf   2013-01-03  0     Edit Delete 

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