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2016-05-14  Route: East Slopes
Info: Road still closed, parked on the road side few yards from the winter park lot. Started to walk at 8:00am, I was surprised to find that the lot was full and also the road,so I assume everyone else arrived before me, lately I found the reason. temperature was 30ish. I started to walk, snow pads on the road where the result of last day melting and morning frozen making them little hard to walk over. 1 hour fast walking to the summer parking lot /trail head. Started to follow footprints after the bridge, considering the amount of people before me, there where not as many. things went ok till the start of the step hiking, I had some micro spikes that fail to give me support as the sun started to hit the snow and melting it. Forget about summer trail unless you have crampons or similar, follow the footprints instead, if there are not, walk over the east ridge, when it becomes flat, keep straigh to the couloir and then use the trail used to climb torreys from grays to climb Grays, that way you will avoid slippery snow sections of Gray's summer trail. Got to the summit after 5 hours of walking, two of them lost making new footprints on the standard summer trail. Wind on the last section of the mountain was very strong (20-40 mph) bring your windproof clothes. You want to get down early, before the snow start to melt, the 1.5 miles hike from the bridge to the east ridge is very easy to do with standar shoes if the snow is frozen, otherwise you will end up inserting your whole leg into the snow on every step, so, get down early or bring snow shoes/skiis/etc. Rafael Angulo Venezuela 
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2016-04-27  Route: Lost Rat Couloir
Info: Lost Rat did not look filled in today from what little we could see in the basin. It may be out of commission for the season by the looks of things, even with new snow on the way. The east face of grays was very dry as well. Going to need a lot more snow with a lot less wind involved in order to be getting a true ski from Grays this year. 
aholle88  2016-04-27   0   1          
2016-04-12  Route: East Slopes
Info: Solo climber & first summit attempt of Grays/Torreys. Stevens Gulch Rd is impassable near the I-70 ramps. There's a rudimentary sign posted as a warning. It's a 3 mile hike along the abandoned road to the trailhead. The weather conditions were spectacular. Crystal clear blue skies & no wind. Sun radiation & reflection off of the snow later became an unanticipated obstruction in the summit attempt. Significant post-holing through the first 1-2 miles of the trek into the foothills, even with snow shoes. Kelso Mtn. sits a bit ominously along the right side with vast snow fields all angled in the direction of the trail. As the only person within miles of the 2 peaks, avalanche concerns were omnipresent throughout the day. The trail is relatively easy to follow as you approach stunning panoramic views of the 2 solitary peaks. A patch of talus obscures the trail, which forks to the right, not the left. The left side of the hill is a post-hole nightmare (1st mistake.) After retreating, the foreseeable rest of the trail appeared to be extremely rocky, as well as the outlines of the trails along the Grays face, so I cached my snow shoes near a Park Informational sign (2nd mistake). Additional navigation issues & losing sight of the trail caused excessive hiking through post-hole zones, repeated back-tracking & unnecessary exertion (3rd mistake.) I eventually found the trail sign about mid-way up pointing Grays to the left & Torreys to the right, but inexplicably went to the right (4th mistake.) SPF 50 sunscreen had been washed off by sweating profusely eventually resulted sun poisoning & severe dehydration (5th mistake.) Abandoned the summit bid at 13,737 ft! It ended up being 9 hours of hiking without success! Seriously almost collapsed during the road hike back to I-70! 
JasonCrane  2016-04-15   2             
2016-02-15  Route: East Slopes
Info: Snow blocking road completely after Grizzly turn off. My WRX couldn‘t even make it out of the winter TH due to fresh (4-5") of snow on road. From the summer TH conditions were widely variable. No trench in sight and visibility stretching from 5 km all the way down to 10 m. Snow was varied from postholing knee deep with 29" snow shoes to completely dry on portions of the upper mountain. As of this report, snow shoes are absolutely necessary from summer TH to Kelso‘s ridge turn off. I broke trail in both directions since the wind and snow filled in my tracks as I moved. 0630 Start, 1320 Summit, and 1700 return to car. Movement was slow while ascending because postholing slowed my progress to a literal crawl at times trying to not sink. 
Grant Mills  2016-02-16   0             
2016-02-13  Route: East Slopes
Info: Climbed Kelso Ridge from I-70 this AM. Road is packed to summer TH. Took winter bypass to avoid Kelso avalanche slopes. From summer TH to 12k, wore snowshoes, but just a few places where the snow wasn‘t firm. After climbing Kelso Ridge, we descended Grays standard trail from the saddle. Since no recent CRs, I‘m linking this in with a current pic of the Grays face. Spikes would be good for the trail above 12k once you ditch your snowshoes. 
bmcqueen  2016-02-14   2             
2016-01-03  Route: South Bowl
Info: Climbed and skied Grays Peak; we ascended Grays via the South Bowl from Chihuahua Gulch. Not sure if this entirely counts as a ski descent. Skied down from the summit for 20-40‘, making a couple of jump turns, and then turning into a total yard sale when I hit the rocks below! Had to climb down another 400‘ or of bare rock to where we could begin skiing again. We skied all the way back out to the Peru Creek TH. So, call it what you like, but it was a great day out in the mountains, and some super cool skiing too. At least that is my opinion. If you ask my partner, he may tell you different. Snow conditions were safe; not too wind hammered. Snow was hard in some spots and soft in others. Too bad there wasn‘t continuous snow from the summit. 
JulianSmith  2016-01-05   7   2          
2015-12-28  Route: East Slopes
Info: As expected, the road is packed well to the summer trailhead. Snowshoes were helpful but a few folks had walked the hardpack and used microspikes. Past the summer trailhead conditions were absolutely different with only one set of tracks that didn‘t follow the summer route. Instead they climbed more steeply toward Kelso. I followed these tracks to 11,500 and then contoured to the low part of the drainage to avoid Kelso‘s slopes. The snow is wind blown and no solid base, especially through the willows. Expect to work until warmer temps help create a more solid base. Not sure conditions above 12k. 
RWinters  2016-01-02   0             
2015-10-25  Route: East Slopes
Info: Trail is snow packed the entire way. Some minor post holing where the wind (blown snow) has covered the track. 
rijaca  2015-10-26   1             
2015-10-11  Route: East Slopes
Info: The north facing slopes throughout the hike are starting to get iced over. There is pervasive snow above 13,000, though rocks are still poking through. Ascending, it‘s not too bad, traction is optional. We descended down Gray‘s and traction is highly recommended if you are coming down from Gray‘s instead of Torrey‘s. The last 1000 ft were slick, but manageable. Would have been better with spikes or yak trax. 
Blue6String  2015-10-12   0             
2015-10-11  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: Snow-free for the vast majority, but there is a thin layer of snow on top. Going up either Grays or Torreys by the standard routes was no real problem in good boots (though of course microspikes would help on the 20 or so feet of icy, packed snow trail). Torreys is snow-free from the saddle up. Also did the traverse from Grays to Torreys without spikes and didn‘t have any trouble, but they would make life much easier on this part. 
catcalliope  2015-10-12   0             
2015-10-10  Route: East Slopes
Info: Beautiful fall day for a hike. Dry down below. Thin layer of soft crunchy snow up top. Leading up to this where sunlight hits, the shadows have caused a few sections of snow to turn to ice. Microspikes helped a ton, but plenty of hikers were managing without them. 
kmccormi  2015-10-11   0             
2015-10-04  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: I‘d bring micro spikes. Most of the snow was melting on our decent but we needed them on the way up. It looked like the area might get more snow? Great day to be on the mountain. 
ceimbert  2015-10-04   0             
2015-10-04  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: I second the report from yesterday recommending microspikes. Wish I had had them today for the upper part of the descent where the snow had been packed solid. I got to the TH at 7:30 and there were about a dozen cars already there. Not a madhouse of a crowd but you were never really far from someone else on the trail. Just a handful of people at a time on the peaks. Beautiful weather (with just a quick cold cloud blowing through). From about 11:30 (on my way down) I got a token dusting of snow. 
Bart  2015-10-04   0             
2015-10-03  Route: East Slopes
Info: Coming up from the Torreys side, the rock is covered in a dusting of snow that doesn‘t get very much direct light. Since it‘s snowing again, you might want microspikes if descending to go do Torreys. The Grays standard route had light snow above 12,700‘. In some places it‘s in the shade or doesn‘t get very direct light, so it can be slippery as it turns to ice. Below 12,700‘ the trail was completely dry. 
ezabielski  2015-10-03   0             
2015-09-11  Route: East Slopes
Info: Beautiful weather and views under ideal conditions. Also did Torreys. 
crester  2015-09-11   0             
2015-08-16  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: The weather looked questionable and saw lightening at 3AM leave W I70, but skies cleared into a beautiful sunny, clear day to summit both Grays and Torreys. I took a previous climber‘s advice, at first with apprehension, but glad I took my mountain bike. I could bike faster than 5mph up and was down in 25 minutes to I70 parking lot. Only negative was that drivers, up & down, do not brake for a cyclist, and I had to wait in ditch for them to pass. Otherwise, the experience of Grays and Torreys was an even paced hike, spectacular views, friendly & encouraging people/dogs, high 5s at the top and help taking pics. Good climbs. 
petal53run  2015-08-19   0             
2015-08-15  Route: East Slopes
Info: I live off of exit 283 on I-70 west. So a 62 mile drive takes me about 65 minutes to reach here. I drive a VW Jetta (2WD). After the exit 221, I drive slow (8-10 mph) and reach the trailhead in about 15-20 minutes. I started at about 2AM from house and at 3:15AM from the trailhead. I was at Grays at 6:18. Just 4-5 hikers along the way. I did Torreys and while coming back, I met almost 200 hikers and 30 dogs. I was back at TH at about 10:30-10:45AM. While driving down, I was again very slow and the 4WD drivers were pissed off at me like anything. With cars parked on the road, there was no space for me to let them overtake. The very first chance they got to overtake me (I would have anyway let them go ahead), they all called me names and showed me various fingers. I assumed they were not the real *hikers* because their attitude definitely wasn‘t of one. Nonetheless, the sunrise was out of this world and it was good to hike at night with almost no other hiker in sight. 
sumer  2015-08-19   0             
2015-08-02  Route: Grays and Torreys
Info: Summited Gray and Torreys on a VERY busy Sunday (8/2/15). Started at trailhead at 6AM, already had to park 0.5mi down the road from the parking lot. Summited Grays first at 8:30AM - very busy up top, and everyone was having a good time. Traverse to Torreys was completely clear. Pretty much a party happening on top of Torreys. All in all, a good day. 
ctubridy  2015-08-02   0             
2015-07-31  Route: via Torreys and Kelso Ridge
Info: Beautiful in the Front Range. Ascended Grays and Torreys in a counter clockwise direction via Kelso Ridge route. Nothing to report that hasn‘t been said already. Kelso is completely dry and I would recommend this route to anyone who is wondering whether or not they have a fear of heights or exposure. The route itself is very easy to follow thanks to the excellent route description. The few short sections that involve scrambling can easily be negotiated. Combining Torreys and Grays this way guarantees you never have to cross the same ground twice. Highly recommended. Car to Torreys summit took 2hr18min, Grays summit was reached in 2hr58min, and round trip took 3hr59min. The gravel road going in to the trailhead appears to have been graded within the last couple weeks and most cars should be able to drive all the way up (just watch for the odd large rock). Go early if you want to park in the parking lot as it is normally full by 0500. 
dogballs  2015-07-31   4      1       
2015-07-11  Route: East Slopes
Info: Overall, trail is in good shape with some water in spots and a little bit of snow. The traverse to Torreys is also snow free but there is a snow field that you cross on the trail that rejoins the main trail from the saddle. Some might feel more comfortable using traction on it but many were crossing (and sometimes slipping) without it. 
tjerasdave  2015-07-11   0      1       

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