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Argentine Pass Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Front Range
14ers Served:  Grays Peak, Torreys Peak
Road Type:  Easy 4WD, good clearance recommended. 3   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Easy 4WD (good-clearance recommended) up to the gate closure near Shoe Basin mine.
Directions:  This trailhead is used to access both Argentine Pass and Horseshoe Basin. Take U.S. 6 to the west end of Keystone. If you are driving east on U.S. 6, take the exit for Montezuma Road before U.S. 6 begins its climb to Loveland Pass. If you are driving west (from Loveland Pass), turn left into the River Run area of the Keystone Ski Resort. Take another quick left and drive a bit to get to the Montezuma Road. Drive ~4.3 miles on the Montezuma road and turn left on the 260 (dirt) road. There is a large parking area at the start of this road. From the parking area, drive 4.5 miles along Peru Creek to the Argentine Pass trailhead at 11,050’, just below the Shoe Basin Mine. The road is gated beyond the trailhead.
Winter Access:  Closed at the start of the Peru Creek road.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2015-06-25 The road is in good shape and is clear of all snow. 2wd accessible with decent clearance. CO Native         
2014-08-15 Summit County Media Release: A new 70-foot-span permanent bridge will be placed over the Snake River at the site of the washout, restoring vehicle travel along Montezuma Road in its pre-washout route. Bridge installation work will take place the week of Aug. 25. Crews will transport the bridge and abutments to the site in eight pieces and are tentatively scheduled set them on Wednesday and Thursday,Aug. 27 and 28. Montezuma Road will be closed to through traffic for extended periods on these two days, to allow crane operators to efficiently install the structures. Crews will pave the new bridge the week of Sept. 1, with a target of opening it for vehicle traffic by Sept. 6. Anticipated Montezuma Road closures for paving operations will be limited in number and short in duration. emgordon         
2014-06-09 Access to Peru Creek, Chihuahua Gulch, Horseshoe Basin, and Argentine Pass is closed until further notice. Last week the Snake River washed out a 45-foot length of road just west of the Peru Creek Trailhead, 0.6 miles west of the entrance to the town of Montezuma. The flooding caused severe road damage to a half-mile stretch of road west of the washout site, with the entire south lane destroyed in many spots. Road & Bridge will work throughout the summer to rebuild the washed-out section of road. Access for the general public may remain closed throughout the summer. Summit County officials announced they have closed Montezuma Road until further notice, prohibiting access to trailheads, trails and roads on national forest lands east of the flood site. The closure applies to skiers, snowmobilers, hikers, bikers, off-roaders and all other recreationalists looking to access Peru Creek Trailhead/Peru Creek Road, Chihuahua Gulch Road, Chihuahua Lake Trail, Sts. John Road, Webster Pass Road, Deer Creek Trailhead and Deer Creek Road, Morgan Gulch Road, Cinnamon Gulch Road, Argentine Pass Trail, Lenawee Trail, Warden Gulch Road, access to Grays and Torreys peaks, and the Continental Divide Trail from Grays Peak to Whale Peak. The easternmost turnaround location for vehicles with trailers is at a roadblock 3.12 miles east of the intersection of Highway 6 and Montezuma Road. Recreation-specific updates can be found at the White River National Forest website (www.fs.usda.gov/whiteriver), by navigating to the Alerts and Notices page using the button in the website‘s upper right column. More information is available by calling the Dillon Ranger District at 970-468-5400. 14erFred    1      
2013-07-23 The slide has been cleared. Easy 4WD now. BobbyFinn         
2013-07-19 Peru Creek Rd is closed after the Cinnamon Pass junction due to a big landslide. The road crew working down lower said it happened Wed, and they don‘t have an estimated time to reopen the road. RobE         
2013-07-02 Road open and dry to the trailhead. It‘s a bit rough this year but good-clearance vehicles should be OK. BillMiddlebrook         
2013-05-29 Still gated. Snowfields start past the first creek crossing and become continuous above the turnoff near the Pennsylvania Mine. Still a ways to go. TravelingMatt         
2013-05-17 Gated at Montezuma Road. Wouldn‘t count on it opening by Memorial Day. TravelingMatt         
2012-11-29 Still open (4WD) to the upper trailhead. The road had some icy patches and packed snow, but I had no problem driving all the way to the Argentine Pass trailhead in my 4WD pickup. I doubt it will be open after the next major snowfall. BillMiddlebrook         
2012-10-20 Still open and passable to TH, upper half is 4wd/clearance as always. About 60% dry with the remainder mud/snow/ice. Does not impede driving too much but watch the road and take it slowly where necessary. Last mile or so to parking area is almost completely dry. TravelingMatt         
2012-09-29 Trek to the Waldorf Mine may be quite an experience for you. The road is rough but passable with a standard SUV with high clearance and 4WD. I drove in my Chevy Blazer in 4WD from the pavement to the mine. Make sure to stay on FS248-1 NOT 1B this will lead you to a creek bed. I would do the drive in the daylight for the first time to prevent navigation issues like I had. Lots of traffic on the weekend 30+ vehicles, be prepared on the narrows. TR: http://www.coloradoascents.blogspot.com/2012/10/argentine-peak.html MTGOAT72         
2012-08-19 Went up here in a Subaru Outback on Sunday 8/19. Road was dry as a bone, except in a few low spots where water was running across the road through ruts. Lots of loose rock and gravel in spots, which would have caused a 2WD car to slip, but AWD seemed sufficient to get through. The road is wide enough to maneuver around some of the bigger obstacles, but decent clearance is recommended. ryanmicj         
2012-07-18 Went up to the TH yesterday in my 2WD Xterra. High clearance is an absolute necessity on this road. I don‘t think I would try it in any les than an xterra. areas in the road are heavily rutted and there are some large dips and rocks to contend with. The road is wide enough to skirt around the worst parts usually, but I would say this is borderline 4WD - I slipped in a few parts and had a to hit a few obstacles with momentum to avoid getting stuck. Not too much water on the road, but almost all of the dips had water in them. The moral of the story is - CLEARANCE NEEDED. ameristrat         
2012-06-01 Open and mostly dry to the summer trailhead. Some minor puddles and runoff. You want to park where there is a loop on the left side of the road and an old building visible a couple hundred feet ahead in the valley to the right. Beyond that is gated with no place to turn around. Road is rougher than I remember -- high-clearance will be OK, Subarus may have a few issues but should make it all the way and cars are no go after about halfway up. TravelingMatt         
2012-05-21 The gate at Montezuma Road was opened today. Didn‘t go back there so not sure how far back you can drive. Other roads in the Montezuma area (Webster Pass, Deer Creek) are still gated. TravelingMatt         
2011-07-08 Lots of water running down the road for the last 2 miles, as mentioned. All the erosion is making fairly substantial gullies in several spots- the worst one is about 1 mile from the trailhead. I didn‘t risk it in my Xterra as it was already getting late in the morning, but I saw a few guys make it through (after much contemplation and discussion) later in the day with a Tacoma (I think). rsincavage         
2011-07-01 Dillon Ranger District states the Peru Creek road (FR 260) is now open. There is water running down the road for the last 2 miles below the Shoe Mine. But the road is reportedly passable for 4WD. 14erFred         
2011-06-06 Ranger district states the Peru Creek road (FR 260) is closed indefinitely due to an avalanche near the Chihuahua Gulch trailhead. nedryarson         
2010-08-08 I can‘t understand what the sedan owners such as myself are talking about when they say this road is just fine for passenger vehicles. My ‘03 camry (in good condition) suffered terribly on this road and I had to back out which was tedious. This road is absolutely NOT meant for passenger vehicles! That is if you give a damn about your car. The Grays Peak road is a highway compared to this one! spontaneous weekends         
2010-07-03 Hiked up the road from near Chihuahua Gulch, and the reported washout near the Pennsylvania Mine has been repaired. The road is pretty rough, but can be done slowly with a smaller car (saw a Nissan Sentra at the Argentine trailhead just before the gate). nedryarson         
2009-07-26 Definitely some parts to take slow, but very doable in a 2WD - I do recommend a higher-clearance vehicle, but it can be done without. DarwinCO         
2009-07-22 Made it all the way to Argentine trailhead with a Toyota Corolla. Should be fine for any small sedan. eagle06         
2009-06-16 Called Dillon RD on 6/15. The Peru Creek Road (260) is open into Horseshoe Basin. kimo         
2009-06-12 road 260 still closed as of 6/8/2009 - did not hike up the road lurker         
2009-05-13 Hiked up Peru Creek from Montezuma Rd. on Sunday 5-10-09. Still plenty of snow on the road. Road 260 is not open yet and will probably stay closed until the end of the month. Snow is melting fast but quite a bit drifted on the road down in the valley. Looks like the road up to the Chihuahua Gulch trail head is pretty opwn and the SW slopes look clear of snow. gettinupthere         

The trailhead parking area (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2009-07-24)Another look at the parking area (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2009-07-24)The gate near the Shoe Mine, just above the trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2009-07-24)From Montezuma road turn left on 260. This is the large parking area. (Added by: Jan van Tilburg on 2009-09-28)

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