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Stewart Creek Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  San Juan Mountains
14ers Served:  San Luis Peak
Road Type:  2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  The directions shown here assume you are coming from the north. If you are coming from the San Luis Valley area, drive north on Colorado 114 to Dome Lakes, turn left onto the "15-GG" road and follow the directions from the 15-GG road:
  • Take U.S. 50 to the junction of Colorado 114 just east of Gunnison. It is approximately 47 miles to the trailhead from this intersection.
  • Turn south onto Colorado 114.
  • Drive about 20 miles and turn right onto the NN-14 road.
  • Drive 6.8 miles to Dome Lakes and turn right onto the 15-GG dirt road (also known as FR 794 when you reach National Forest).
  • The road briefly goes around the lake where there is a small junction. Stay left on the main road.
  • From the start of the 15-GG road, drive 15.7 miles to an intersection where there are signs.
  • Follow the sign for the Stewart Creek trailhead by continuing straight on the 794 road.
  • Drive 4.3 miles to the trailhead.
  • Be alert for the signed trailhead. It used to have a parking area down to the right but that was closed in 2014 and the road was widened for cars to park alongside.
  • Another option is to continue 1/4 mile down the road and park at the Eddiesville trailhead which now has a new outhouse. If you park at Eddiesville, begin your San Luis hike by walking back up the road and turning left onto the start of the Stewart Creek trail.
Winter Access:  Closed far away from the TH.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2014-08-21 Don‘t be afraid to hit the accelerator to cross both creeks on the way. Did it with a ford fiesta. Except few bumps, this was a perfect dirt road. AlpineCarole         
2014-07-20 Was able to reach the trailhead in a Chevy Cruze (compact 2-door coupe). It was rough in several areas, and the two stream crossings were a bit sketchy, but was able to do it nonetheless. However, the two stream crossings have been recently reconstructed with concrete, so you can just step on the gas and make it through in a sedan and not have to worry about hitting rocks or anything. Sinsear         
2014-07-04 The first stream was low enough to go through in a Buick LaCrosse, but the second (Nutras) was a little too high for my comfort. colorajo         
2014-06-25 Trailhead parking lot described in Stuart Creek trailhead is permanently closed as of 6/25/14. Parking is on side of road by trailhead or a quarter mile further down the road at the Horse Corral parking lot. They were doing a lot of road improvements and the road into the trailhead is accessible with a car now. They also installed a new trailhead sign next to the road so it is easy to find. They also installed a new outhouse bathroom by the parking lot a quarter mile past the trailhead. Nice improvements to the trailhead area! CraigMeier  1       
2014-06-24 24 June should be the last day the Trailhead parking area is available. It is being closed down, with parking being made available along the road next to it. Also, a double restroom is being added at that location. The_Flex         
2014-06-14 The road is in pretty decent shape. The stream crossings (2) are not very bad and most any SUV or truck should be able to make it without an issue. The streams are flowing much higher during the afternoon so be aware that the volume of water in the morning will be less than when you leave in the afternoon. I drove an F-150 without any issues and I would imagine most SUVS and the like would make it, no problem. michaelgrundy         
2014-06-11 Road 15-GG or FR 794 was very rough on the way in. Large exposed rocks, huge ruts, and washed out areas. The first creek crossing was fairly deep and fast moving. The water was about 8-10 inches deep. The second creek crossing wasn‘t bad. The water was about 5 inches. We thought we were stupid for taking a Nissan Murano to the trailhead but we saw a later model Toyota Camry arrive to the trailhead as we were setting up camp for the night. The road had been worked on while we were hiking so the drive out wasn‘t very rough at all. There were still a few areas that had some fairly large ruts in the road but if you take them slow you could easily make it in a lower clearance vehicle. I attached pictures of the first creek crossing. I recommend driving through the upstream portion of the creek because the water is calmer and more shallow. grayp  2  2      
2014-06-01 High clearance vehicles required to cross Nutras and Chavez creeks. Rest of road is not bad. Mujahid         
2014-05-27 Road 14dd (794) is in terrible shape right now. Huge ruts and washed out areas, large exposed rocks, etc. 2 stream crossings are well over a foot deep from spring runoff. A rough ride even in an Xterra. It appears that a bit of road work is in progress, but until it is complete I would not recommend that any passenger car attempt this road. bunny256         
2013-10-19 (for Cebolla TH) Roads in the area are dry for the first 10 miles or so, then snow packed off/on. The last 2 miles to Cebolla had 4" of snow but was passable due to the heavy hunter traffic. Sloppy, muddy mess later in the afternoon. Yikes         
2013-09-15 Still Open - spent the weekend at/near Stewart Creek - road was quite muddy but very passable. Standard route for San Luis pretty wet and muddy but no snow. I had the summit to myself Sat but graupel and rain on the hike out... matt pierce         
2013-08-31 The last 5 miles of road are getting chewed up and there is construction at Naturas Creek crossing, 2 miles north of the trailhead. Trailhead parking area has large rocks so regular clearance vehicles are parking on the road above the trailhead. markhingston  1       
2013-08-10 In the event you find this information useful, there are NO restroom facilities at this trail head. I could not find that information anywhere so I thought maybe others would be interested as well. There is a restroom about 5 miles prior to the trail head on the road to Stewart Creek but on the day we traveled the road (and the next day), they were dead bolted. trishkaken         
2013-07-17 I drove in from Lake City via Slumgullion Pass/Deer Lakes/Los Pinos Pass (took me approximately 2 hours each way), and the roads were great until the last stretch that connects with the Stewart Creek TH. The last part wasn‘t bad, just not as smooth. Watch out for ruts caused by rain draining across the road, as they give you a surprising jolt if you aren‘t expecting them. Also, the trail has a bunch of tall grass, etc. along the edge that hangs over the trail itself. Might want to consider wearing pants if that bothers you. Bum Ellis         
2013-06-15 Road all the way to trail head is dry and in good condition. I think basically any car could make it, however if your driving a low clearance vehicle there are a few spots you‘ll want to go slow and be careful not to bottom out because of a few dips/potholes. My-Therapy         
2012-09-24 The road is bone dry and in good condition. Snowed lightly above 12k feet. Knockneed Man         
2012-08-26 The road is in good condition for all cars (when driven slowly). Since the road is in good condition, still watch your speed as there are a fill rills in the road that are hidden until you get close to them. Scott P         
2012-08-01 Drove all the way to the Stewart Creek Trailhead with my Ford Fiesta, about as low of a clearance vehicle there is. Overall, the road was in very good shape, but there were 3 spots that I had to get out and pick my line carefully where storms the night before had created areas of water running across the road. Ironically, probably the worst spot of all was making the turn into the actual trailhead parking lot. It is rutted pretty bad. But in the end, we made it. And if it can be done in a Ford Fiesta, it can be done by anything  ZooDude         
2012-05-30 The roads to Stewart Creek are in fantastic shape. The only issue for a low clearance vehicle might be the deeply rutted sharp right into the trailhead parking lot. Amadisofgaul         
2012-04-30 Drove all the way to Stewart Creek/Eddiesville TH‘s this weekend. Ran into Wade Collins - the rancher that owns that homestead up there along Cochetopa Creek and he said the forest service had called him Thurs to let him know they had opened the gate. The road was shockingly bone dry all the way in. Enjoy! matt pierce    3 1    
2011-09-24 Road still clear. Made it to the TH in my Toyota Corolla. The 2nd creek crossing is a bit muddy now and some people have piled some brush off to one side for traction, but I made it across with a good running start. George Kaplan         
2011-09-17 The road(s) to Stewart Creek are still very passable and there are plenty of hunters and camps up there for the hunting season before the snow starts to fly. The road is in great shape and I saw a Ford Focus at the TH. There is only one creek crossing over Nutras Creek but it was not deep and anything other than a lowrider could pass it. EatinHardtack         
2011-08-22 I was able to drive my Prius all the way down the 21 mile dirt road with no problem. There are 2 water crossings. Stay upstream on the first one with the concrete pads and it is very shallow. The road is in great shape. mrschaible         
2011-07-05 The 21 mile dirt road is clear to the Stewart Creek trailhead. Off CO 142, after NN-14 & then the 15-GG turn, I followed the main FR 794 signs to get to TH. I drove a 4wd Dodge truck, and used 2wd to get there (road was rougher near TH, but high clearance 2wd is fine). Going out on 7/6, in was raining, and I used the 4wd because it was slippery. Reynold_hiker  2       
2011-07-04 I agree with the last post. We could not get our Suzuki in the parking lot because of the potholes, we just park it on the side of the road. Kitten         

The turn down into the trailhead (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-06-21)In the parking area (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-06-21)Start of the trail (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-06-21)Sign posted at the start (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-06-21)

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