Half Moon (Tigiwon) Trailhead
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Location:  Sawatch Range
14ers Served:  Mt. of the Holy Cross
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  From Interstate 70, take Exit 171 and follow U.S. 24. Drive almost 5 miles and turn right onto the Tigiwon road. The turn is just before U.S. 24 crosses the Eagle River and starts to switchback up the hillside. The Tigiwon road is dirt and cars can usually make it to the trailhead. Drive just over 8 miles to the trailhead. More information on the Tigiwon Road (#707) can be found on the US Forest Service Motorized Vehicle Use Map for the Holy Cross Ranger District.
Winter Access:  Closed near the bottom of the Tigiwon road. Road is closed from November 22nd until June 21st but they may not open the gate until late in the day on the 20th, depending on conditions or when they get around to it. If you plan on heading there around the time of the road opening, please contact the Holy Cross office of the US Forest Service Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District at 970-827-5715.
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2009-11-24 Tigiwon Road is still drivable all the way to the trailhead ONLY if you have 4-wheel drive. Rear-wheel or 2-wd vehicles will get stuck. Road is snow-covered from just past the Nova trailer all the way to the TH. Kiefer         
2009-10-04 Road was clear as of Saturday, October 3rd. Some very small ice/snow patches in spots, not a problem for any vehicle. mrgooseskin         
2009-06-30 Tigiwon road is open. Did Holy Cross 6/29/09. I would not do this thing on a weekend. There were at least 20 vehicles there on a Monday!! cmsmithh         
2009-06-25 Phoned the Holy Cross Ranger Station and the Tigiwon road is now open. cmsmithh         
2009-05-26 Spoke with ranger. States that based on current snow conditions, the road should definitely be open June 20th. Mountain Woman         
2009-05-07 The Road is Closed from May 1 to June 20 for Elk Calving. This includes hiking the road. Chicago Transplant         
2009-03-23 on 21 March this was very definately closed at the very bottom. It is 8 miles to the traihead, and it is all uphill and snowpacked. There is a snowmobile concession that runs the trail, I was considering renting a sled to get me up there. You should be able to call the snowmobile concession and get updates as it starts to thaw, Nova Guides, 719-486-2656 or 888-949-6682. CSguy         
2008-06-30 I meant Saturday, June 28! cheeseburglar         
2008-06-30 Road was open on Saturday, June 26. 4x4 not necessary. Rumors are rampant in Vail/Avon that the beetle kill tree removal may start this summer! cheeseburglar         
2008-05-12 The road is closed for Elk Calving until June 20th. Chicago Transplant         
2008-03-12 The drive in from US 24 to the lower gate is muddy and wet. The gate is opened around 7:30-8:00am and is closed around 5:30pm. Tigiwon Road from the Nova Guides equipment cache all the way to the summer TH is groomed and hardpacked from all the constant snowmobilers (snowshoes NOT necessary). Kiefer         
2007-11-26 Just spoke with the ranger and the gate (located about a mile up Tigiwon road) is closed until June 20th of 2008. astrobassman         
2007-08-10 The Tigiwon road is passable with a passenger car; however, if you value your vehicle, you must drive it slow, between 10 and 15 miles per hour. The worse sections are on the curves. Eight miles is an iternity when driving that speed, but you will avoid unnecessary headaches. Parking is ample at the trailhead, but on weekend get there early (anyway a 14er should not be started in the middle of the day!) robanar         
2007-06-22 I just spoke with the rangers, and it is in fact open all the way to the campground. MarkE         
2007-06-04 I talked with the Rangers today and they informed me that the trail is slated to once again open on June 20th for the 2007 season. thebeave7         
2006-06-22 The road is re-opened for the season, drove up on 6/21/06 and it is dry and clear. There are bathrooms and a campground at the trailhead now that I can't remember being there in the past? Chicago Transplant         
2006-05-08 Just called the Forest Service to find out about the dates for this year's seasonal Elk closure. The road is scheduled to open on June 20th. Please refrain from hiking in the area until this date. Thanks! Chicago Transplant         
2005-10-04 Work continues to renovate the parking area, and a composting toilet has been installed. The only parking available is on the road. CO Native         
2005-09-24 The road is open all the way to the trailhead; however, the road is closed at the entrance to the Halfmoon trailhead parking area/campground so you must park on the side of the road. CODave         
2005-07-05 Went up on 6-30 and found the road open and completely clear of snow (unsurprisingly). The road is definitely passable for passenger cars, but look out for some fairly good sized potholes near the beginning and near the very top. Nathan Hale         
2005-05-07 The Tigiwon Road is currently closed from May 1 until June 20 to allow for Elk calving. There is a closed and locked gate with this message on it about a mile up from the start of the road. Please respect wildlife closures, as Elk may abandon their calves if they are frightened by hikers. Chicago Transplant         

Can you spell "Tigiwon" ? (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-07-01)The TH at the end of the road. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-07-01)The main parking area and trailhead. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-07-01)The start of the Holy Cross trail – near the kiosk. (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2007-07-01)

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