Quandary Trailhead
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Location:  Tenmile Range
14ers Served:  Quandary Peak
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  From Breckenridge, drive 8 miles south on Colorado 9. Turn right (west) on the 850 (Blue Lakes) Road. Drive a few hundred yards and turn right on the 851 (McCullough Gulch) Road. Drive 0.1 mile to the signed trailhead and small parking area. If the trailhead lot is full, cars should park along the 851 road or in the overflow lot, down at the start of the 850 road. PLEASE DO NOT park on the side of the 850 road, in front of homes. The trail starts just above the trailhead, on the 851 road.
Winter Access:  Closed at the start of the 851 road, 0.1 mile below the summer TH. 2WD accessible with parking in a signed lot at the start of the 850 road. Please, do not park along the 850 road.
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2015-08-08 This report provides info on dispersed camping neat the TH... McCullough Gulch Road (851) offers some good sites approximately 1.5 miles up from the TH on the left side of the road opposite Forest Rd 477 sign. Very nice area accommodates 6-10 tents very near the road and many more up in the trees. (Follow the forest road about 1/3 of a mile and you join the East Route trail to the summit.) The road also breaks right and offers some other usable sites that could accommodate a modest group. Additional camping is down in McCullough Gulch on 851, ~3 miles from TH. Campsites began to get filled around 2 p.m. on Friday… scoutbuff1    1 1    
2015-07-26 Easy dirt road to the trail head from CO-9. Good condition. Parking lots and the 851 road gets crowded easily on weekends. I could park my car right at the trail head on a Saturday only because I overslept ;-) and got to the place at 9 AM (then had to do a mad dash to summit, just before thunderstorms). Watchout for tight spaces on the road as vehicles get parked and if you face cars from opposite direction. MGatMileHigh  2  1      
2015-06-17 The McCullough Gulch (851) road is open, including the official Quandary trailhead, 0.1 mile up from the 850/851 road junction. BillMiddlebrook    1    
2015-05-11 Quandary parking is snow free. Snow from there. McCullough Gulch (851) Road was snow covered at the entrance of the road. Some dry patches at the beginning as I passed Quandary‘s lower standard route. WillRobnett         
2015-01-30 The winter parking lot is to your immediate right once you turn onto 850 - it is hard not to miss. It was packed down snow, but a 2WD could handle it. There are trails leading up to 851 and the summer trailhead in the back left (northwest-ish) corner of the parking lot. It is not a far walk to get to Quandary‘s summer trailhead from here. amcdonald         
2014-11-27 Road to upper lot snowed in and blocked by drift from snow plow. Lower lot open and plowed. Jackson12  1       
2014-09-26 Drove into lower lot and parked with 2 other cars. Took short hike up to the other road and the upper lot had a few more cars, but was not full. Had rented a Toyota Sienna minivan. No issue at all, but you‘re on gravel for less than 100 feet for lower lot. masonpips         
2014-09-04 There are two parking lots good for any car. The lower overflow lot is very large, and has pot-a-johns. The upper lot is small about eight cars could park there. It‘s up the road to the right, past the lower lot about 200yds. bking14ers         
2014-05-17 Lower Parking lot right off of 9 was clear but there is no higher access. Leopard233         
2014-05-13 Parking lot had ~10" of snow last night, but melting fast. Had to have 2 people give me a push in my 2WD this afternoon. M1keey         
2014-01-26 851 (McCullough Gulch Rd) is currently closed, but the winter parking just off the intersection of 850 and CO 9 is open. This adds only a tiny distance to your hike. There were quite a few cars in the icy parking lot. My 1997 Toyota Camry with snow tires had no problem negotiating the short segment of 850 or the slick-looking parking area. Michael Underwood         
2013-11-29 We parked just off the highway 9 at the big lot close to the turn off to the 851 (the road going north to the East ridge TH) The 851 was still drivable right to the parking by the TH but we had to push out one Subaru which got stuck as we were hiking out so I recommend parking at the big lot just off the main road (hwy 9). The trail was totally packed down and slippery in spots above tree line. Most of our group wore micro spikes and was glad we did but three members had none and did OK. We all carried snow shoes but did not use them. Off the packed down trail the snow was quite deep. Above tree line the snow was wind blown and icy in a few spots. wolfgangstiller         
2013-11-03 Some snow and ice on the road to the upper TH, and on the TH parking itself, but quite passable with decent all-season tires. AlexeyD         
2013-10-19 TH is still accessible by passenger cars, even with the latest snowfall. The road has been plowed and my Hyundai Veloster was able to make it, and it sucks in the snow. IHikeLikeAGirl         
2013-06-11 Trailhead is easily accessible by 2WD car - gravel road is in good condition. brianlpowers    1    
2013-05-11 You cannot drive to the actual trailhead. The parking lot just below the trailhead was 95% free of snow and easily accessible with a 2wd passenger car. Stephen Butler         
2013-01-01 McCullough Gulch 851 now closed off from the usual snowplow berm. However, the new trailhead parking (just below the turn for 851) is in fine form and plenty of space. No need to park or hike on the 850 road again...EVER! Great job. mtnmike         
2012-12-13 Road to trailhead is fully covered with snow but easily passible with AWD. HunkyDunk         
2012-12-02 Road is completely clear ezabielski         
2012-11-14 Road is snow-packed but open to the TH. BillMiddlebrook         
2012-11-08 All clear,No snow. mike1         
2012-11-03 Open to the trailhead. A little bit of snow on the road but not an issue. Trail is packed. No deep spots. Icy in places. Bare in others. Recommend MicroSpikes and a pole. MountainHiker         
2012-08-25 As perfect conditions as one could expect from the highway up to the TH. Got there before 4am, was able to find the small parking "lot" and by the time I got down it was packed all the way down nearly to the highway. MrJohnnySpot         
2012-03-31 Now melted out enough to drive to the actual trailhead if you have a 4x4. Recommend 2WDs park low to avoid icemelt/refreeze floes running across the road. mtnmike         
2012-03-31 Would recommend parking a couple hundred yards below the trailhead unless you have 4WD. The snow gets very soft in the afternoon and makes it a challenge to drive on the road. joelsteidl         

Topographic map of route at TH. (Added by: schumi248 on 2009-08-27)Sign at the TH (Added by: jdogger248 on 2009-09-24)The real ‘trail Head‘ on 851 (Added by: MGatMileHigh on 2015-07-27)Trail Starting point (climbing starts immediately :–) ) (Added by: MGatMileHigh on 2015-07-27)

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