Quandary Trailhead
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Location:  Tenmile Range
14ers Served:  Quandary Peak
Road Type:  2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  From Breckenridge, drive 8 miles south on Colorado 9. Turn right (west) on the 850 (Blue Lakes) Road. Drive a few hundred yards and turn right on the 851 (McCullough Gulch) Road. Drive 0.1 mile to the signed trailhead and small parking area. If the trailhead lot is full, cars should park along the 851 road or in the overflow lot, down at the start of the 850 road. PLEASE DO NOT park on the side of the 850 road, in front of homes. The trail starts just above the trailhead, on the 851 road.
Winter Access:  Closed at the start of the 851 road, 0.1 mile below the summer TH. 2WD accessible with parking in a signed lot at the start of the 850 road. Please, do not park along the 850 road.
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2008-07-08 Perfect and open trailhead. Smooth hiking to the summit with a bit of slush near the top and on descent. Extra socks at most and you‘ll be fine artilleryman         
2008-06-20 Road is dry and accessible with 2-wheel drive vehicle as of 06-13-08 lakecityrat         
2008-06-07 Open BillMiddlebrook         
2008-05-26 No change to TH condition as of 5/24. Expect muddy snowshoes on the way down below 11,400 with partially dry trail/partially deep post holing. Deep powder North side of ridge above 13,100. Narrow section of ridge is showing talus, probably won‘t be able to ski thru by this weekend. Slushy and rough snow below 12,800. jspydr         
2008-05-19 The main parking lot for Quandary TH is still unaccessable. You will need to park on Blue Lake Rd. As of 5/17, the entire trail snow covered. I expect after this week that there will be partial melting. If you get an early start, the snow below 12,000 feet is hard but turns into slushy ice after 9am, expect lots of post holes without snow shoes. Above tree line the snow is windblown packed until 9am when it then turns wet. Piker         
2008-02-16 The winter TH is at the 850/851 road junction. From there, hike approx. 0.1 mile up the 851 road to the summer trailhead and start of the trail on the left side of the road. BillMiddlebrook         
2008-01-15 A couple hundred feet gets you to the trailhead from where snow blocks the road. You may be greeted by Horton the dog of Quandary, he‘s nice and makes a fine guide if you need one. Snowshoes are a must before 11k. JB99         
2007-11-19 The road to the TH is in perfect condition. Any car with wheels can make it. The trail had hardly any snow. Just patches here and there. There are some icy spots on the trail. No need for crampons or snowshoes. Very windy this time of year... rferrier         
2007-06-10 Trailhead is completely open. Very sparse snow on the trail below treeline, not even an inconvenience. Postholing snow just above wooden bridge above treeline, rest of snow on the trail quite manageable. Scanner         
2007-05-20 851 is open to the trailhead for 4x4s. Open to within 100 yards of the trailhead for cars. 850 is clear and driveable by car to the dam. Wisco         
2007-05-12 850 is completely clear, but 851 is still plowed in with a nice burm that blocks the turn but makes a nice place to park. From the turn-in on 851 it is a short walk to the TH ( cbell94         
2007-01-24 01-20-07 County Rd 851 punch out is where we parked. Then skinned up from there no problem. Plenty of skinning snow was available til 5/8 to peak. Then steps were already pretty much in place. Snow conditions above was treeline were HARD/Wind Blown Surfs as I call them. The SW facing side really did not have enough snow for a complete ride down at the time. It was 10 degrees F at Peak once there at around 2 something...we took our time adjusting gear and hiking partner got sick from freeze dried food colorado54         
2006-11-21 There was some snow on rd. 851. It was no problem for the high clearance cars, but for the regular passenger car I preferred to park at the beginning of 851. The space enough for 2 cars was cleaned. Alex         
2006-06-11 Great access, but limited parking, be prepared to park down the road on a weekend from the parking lot Bresch         
2006-05-15 The trailhead is open. BillMiddlebrook         
2006-04-16 The winter closure is still in place. Parking is available at the start of the 851 road, about 0.1 below the trailhead. This makes for a start near 10,900. BillMiddlebrook         
2005-06-05 Fully open, including 851 as of 6/3/05 pbskier         
2005-05-23 The trailhead is open (2WD access ok). The 851 road is closed shortly after the main TH. BillMiddlebrook         
2005-05-10 The winter closure is still in place. BillMiddlebrook         
2005-02-18 The main Quandary trailhead is closed in winter, but you can get close. When closed, there is parking for a few vehicles at the start of the 851 road. This is just 0.1 mile from the trailhead. BillMiddlebrook         

Topographic map of route at TH. (Added by: schumi248 on 2009-08-27)Sign at the TH (Added by: jdogger248 on 2009-09-24)The real ‘trail Head‘ on 851 (Added by: MGatMileHigh on 2015-07-27)Trail Starting point (climbing starts immediately :–) ) (Added by: MGatMileHigh on 2015-07-27)

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