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Blue Lakes Trailhead
Added by BillMiddlebrook

Location:  Tenmile Range
14ers Served:  Quandary Peak
Road Type:  2WD, rough dirt road 2   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
Rough 2WD dirt to the TH.
Directions:  From Breckenridge, drive 8 miles south on Colorado 9. On a sharp corner of Colorado 9, turn west onto the 850 road (Blue Lakes road). It is 2 miles to the trailhead below the dam. Continue on Blue Lakes road as it climbs west. After 1.2 miles, keep right. After 1.4 miles, keep right again. By early June, the road is usually open to the dam. If not, drive as far as possible and hike the remainder of the road. There is a large parking area below the dam.
Winter Access:  Closed about 1/2 mile up from the 850/851 road junction.
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Date Status Information Posted By  Photos  Comments Likes Dislikes    
2015-02-10 Road is closed for winter at the usual location, nearly 2 miles from the dam BillMiddlebrook         
2014-09-10 Same as the August 18 status minus the goats. 2giqs         
2014-08-18 Clear and Dry to the dam. Small ruts to navigate, but still easily driven by 2WD. Immediately greeted by family of goats that show no fear of humans or cars. abell9er  2       
2014-06-04 Still deep avalanche debris right below the dam. They‘re using a front loader to start digging it out. Drive-able to the avy debris spot, with parking by the lower lakes. elchivoloco    2      
2014-05-18 There is still quite a snow bank at the winter closure. Spots along the road to Blue Lakes are starting to melt out. The deepest snow is right before the damn where multiple avalanches have deposited snow on the road cut. I would guess another two to three weeks of this warm weather until the entire road is clear. cascadecoach         
2014-01-17 Drove to 850 from Alma on Colorado 9. Upon initially turning onto 850 the road was nicely packed and had no issues with an AWD Subaru Outback. However, between 1/4 and 1/2 mile down the road becomes unpacked snow, impossible to drive without a lifted 4WD vehicle. Between 1-2ft of unpacked snow all the way to Blue Lake/Dam. Parking at the winter trailhead is necessary, adds around 2 miles roundtrip if climbing the West Ridge or South Couloir. gottaclimbemall         
2013-11-12 Few patches of snow and ice but 90% clear. No goats  Alan Arnette         
2013-08-03 Yup. TH perfectly accessible but that damned goat family was right there when we pulled up. Luckily they had a youngster so they seemed a little stand offish...but watch out! forbins_mtn         
2013-07-04 I would like to second the caution about the mountain goats. While parked there, some of the goats traversed across the hood and roof of my Xterra, leaving scratches and prints behind. Don‘t park any expensive vehicles here.  Guthrie         
2013-06-05 Still dry and clear to the gate about .5 miles from the dam. You may want to watch out for the goats... BobbyFinn  3  1      
2013-06-01 The road is dry and in excellent condition. It is still closed by a gate about 0.5 mi below the dam. There is plenty of parking at the closure. esagas         
2013-05-26 Road passable to about half a mile below the dam. Some snow still lingering on the road today that made going farther not worth it, as well as a few patches of snow here and there from where we parked until the dam. aliciaf         
2013-03-16 Road still blocked by large snowbank about quarter mile above quandary trailhead, south couloirs on quandary almost ready 2inspireumo         
2012-12-31 Road closed at the normal winter closure, 0.3 mile up from Highway 9. Road beyond was covered with 2-3 inches of dry snow (no ice) all the way to the dam with an occasional snowdrift 6-8 inches. Would be accessible by decent 4x4 vehicle if not closed at .3 miles. mattdecoste         
2012-11-14 Still open and road was dry. BillMiddlebrook         
2012-06-30 The conditions were great. The roads were pretty smooth and any 2WD car can make it. We drove all the way to the Dam on an Audi A4 2WD deuce0277         
2012-05-19 Open all the way to the damn. ElFuegoDelaMuerte         
2012-04-01 Road open approximately 1.8miles from Highway 9 (past lower reservoir) before reaching deeper/off-camber snow that covers the road. There are a few small snow drifts to cross. There were Subaru‘s, a Honda CRV, a Ford Escape, a F-150, and my Xterra that made it this far. burnindaylight         
2012-03-15 Road closed at the normal winter closure, 0.3 mile up from Highway 9. BillMiddlebrook         
2011-12-02 Very accesible with 4WD, 2WD would probably even work. Packed snow for 1st 2/3, then gravel/dirt from lower blue lake up to dam. geojed         
2011-10-22 Blue Lakes is nearly snow free. Only like two very very small patches that have been run over many times. Everything else is snow free and relatively dry. nmg5038         
2011-06-17 The road is clear all the way to the dam. About .5 miles from the dam, there is a cable / gate across the road. There is plenty of parking before the gate and it‘s an easy (snow-free) walk to the dam. joelsteidl         
2011-06-05 The road is pretty clear with only some drifts of snow. I made it with a 2wd low clearance car to the turn off about a .5 mile before the damn. No one can make it past that though at least not in the near future. Give it a couple of weeks and things should be much more clear. The snow is melting fast. areed20  2       
2011-06-04 Drove within 1.5 miles of the Dam. One small section of snow blocks the road to get you even closer to the trailhead. It should melt out quickly, but the last 0.25 mile or so will take longer. caverdude         
2011-06-01 I drove .4 miles from the intersection towards Blue Lakes TH before I bogged down. My guess is that in a week nyoun will be able to get a lot farther. The Lasst Half mile still has a lot of snow and will take a while. Nelson         

On the Dam at Blue Lakes – looking toward Wheeler Mountain (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2006-05-10)

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