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Bridal Veil Falls Power Trailhead
Added by Hostilejim

Location:  San Juan Mountains
Directions:  From the town of Telluride, drive east on the paved road and follow the signs for Bridal Veil Falls. Follow the road for 1.6 miles to the first switchback on the now dirt road. There is a sign saying that the road is 4wd and a high clearance road, but any car with 4wd can make it. The road is not a high clearance road. Follow the steep road from the switchback for 2.2 miles past Bridal Veil Falls to a gate at the top of the road. Stay right at an intersection at the top of the road and park along the road.
Winter Access:  You can drive to the first switchback with no problem, and then take care if you drive farther up the road.
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2012-06-03 The road is dry up to and past the gate. This is a 4WD road requiring high clearance. susanjoypaul  1       

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