Rainbow Trail Trailhead
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Location:  Sangre de Cristo Range
14ers Served:  Humboldt Peak
Road Type:  Moderate 4WD, long wheel base vehicles not recommended. Good clearance required. 4   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
4WD, good-clearance required
Directions:  Take Colorado 69 south from Westcliffe. Drive 4.5 miles and turn right on Colfax Lane. Drive 5.5 miles to the end of Colfax. Turn right and drive 1 mile to a junction. This is usually the location of the winter closure. Continue straight up the 120 Road for 0.3 mile to the Lower 2WD trailhead. In summer, good-clearance 4WD vehicles can continue an additional 2.5 miles to the Rainbow Trail Junction (signed). This is the "trailhead."
Winter Access:  The South Colony Lakes road is closed 2.5+ miles below the Rainbow trail junction.
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2015-05-25 Still dry all the way Fr3ako  1       
2015-04-26 Reaching the Rainbow Trail fork didn‘t pose any more difficulty than in summer. The parking areas on the left are still drifted over so there is a little less parking space. Eagle Eye         
2015-02-07 Snow free to the Lower 2WD trailhead lot. You can drive a bit beyond there, but not far enough to be past the 1.5 mile private property/no parking section. highplaces         
2015-01-25 Snow free to the winter closure parking lot. From there, the route was well packed all of the way to the Rainbow Trail Trailhead. Shattuck311         
2015-01-03 Must have been more snow since the last post as it would be pretty tough to drive to the TH. I didn‘t even attempt the drive, but parked at the Winter closure lot. A Jeep and F-250 made the attempt, got about a mile up the road and then had to back out. There were no tire tracks beyond that point. Sorry for the lack of contrast in the last two pics as the morning light was not good. 1st pic is starting up the road after the closure and the final two are taken at the Rainbow TH looking in both directions. mikemalick  3  1      
2014-12-24 With current snow conditions on the South Colony Lake Road a competent driver with 4WD could make it up to the Rainbow Trailhead to attempt Humboldt via the east ridge route. If any more snow comes through the week things could get trickier. goingup         
2014-11-22 We did Humboldt on Sat and was able to drive up to Rainbow TH in a Land Rover LR3...no problems with a good amount of snow on the 4x4 section. ralph  1  2      
2014-11-11 This information is only good for a couple days until it gathers some significant snow accumulation this weekend and potentially gets closed for winter. I was able to get a Subaru Outback (albeit somewhat stressful) to the Rainbow Trail. Only a dusting of snow on the road that required a little bit of extra momentum at times. There are several large ice puddles a few inches deep that I significantly shattered with my tires, could be helpful. thurs         
2013-10-19 Was able to make it up to the Trailhead in Jeep Cherokee, There was about 4" of snow on the road. minnow_30         
2013-05-23 Dry and in good condition. dehrlich101    1    
2013-05-15 The road is bare and dry all the way to the Rainbow Trailhead. AW007  1       
2013-05-11 Drove all the way to the Rainbow trail crossing in a 4runner. Lots of snow still on the road shortly after the lower SCL trailhead. I had to back up and gun it up in 4 wheel-low once in a steep, slick spot to get over the hill. Only one other car was at the trailhead - another 4runner. Didnt look like anyone had continued up to the upper trailhead in a while so that stretch might still be a bit dicey. eskermo    2      
2012-10-14 After the storm on 10/12 and 10/13, the South Colony Lakes road is totally clear of snow to the Rainbow Trail TH. Neil         
2012-04-09 Gate is open all the way to trailhead, and with a good 4x4 easily driven. Trailhead from there had lots of trees down. Very hard going first 1/4 mile to stream then pretty clear going till you hit snow in the trees at 10,000. Snow shoes a must to make it past tree line, then it is wide open with almost no snow all the way to the summit. finnicky7  3       
2011-12-25 South Colony Road was plowed to the first intersection west of Colfax about 2.5 miles below the Rainbow Trail. Spoke537  1       
2011-04-02 Still too much snow to make it all the way up to the Rainbow trail TH. You can get within about .3 of a mile, with really aggressive vehicles and/or chains possibly could park in San Isabel property, but wont get very far past it. sevenvii         
2010-10-23 Muddy and 1" of snow. Made it without any problems in my F350 four door, long bed, diesel. Destructo         
2010-05-15 The road is open all the way to Rainbow Trail junction. mountainjam         
2010-05-07 Road still closed about 3/4 mile below the Rainbow Trail junction BillMiddlebrook         
2010-03-17 The normal winter closure is in place. I rode the snowmobile 2.5 miles up the South Colony road (deep snow) to form a temporary track to the Rainbow Trail junction. BillMiddlebrook  1       

South Colony Lakes road and Rainbow Trail junction (Added by: BillMiddlebrook on 2010-05-10)

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