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Photos Comments
Ending the Summer with some Mosquitos
by Derek
Clinton Pk
McNamee Pk
Traver Pk
09/20/2009  09/21/2009    31 4
Chilly Day on the Oceans
by Derek
Atlantic Pk
Pacific Pk
Mayflower Hill
09/13/2009  09/15/2009    34 4
Meeker and Longs - Loft Route
by Derek
Longs Peak
Meeker, Mt
09/03/2009  09/06/2009  1  28 3
The Rest of the Alphabet
by Derek
Peak X
X Prime
Kenosha Peak
06/13/2009  06/14/2009  2  21 4
Wandering in the LCW
by Derek
"Peak Z"
"Peak Y"
10/19/2008  10/25/2008    14 2
Friday in Iowa Gulch
by Derek
Dyer Mtn
Gemini Pk
Mt. Sherman
10/10/2008  10/20/2008  1  12 1
Argentine/Wilcox via Silver Dollar
by Derek
Argentine Pk
Wilcox, Mt
08/10/2008  08/11/2008    13 1

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