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Photos Comments
East Spanish: A Lesson in Advanced Sidehilling 
by Kevin Baker
East Spanish Peak 05/11/2008  05/13/2008    1 1
A Whale of a Circuit
by Kevin Baker
Whale Pk
Michigan Hill
Pt 12088
Pt 12567
Glacier Pk
05/03/2008  05/05/2008    8
Bison & McCurdy: Death March in the LCW 
by Kevin Baker
Bison Pk
McCurdy Mtn
04/12/2008  04/13/2008    1 6
Dog Head: A Thrilling Finish to Teller County
by Kevin Baker
Dog Head
Booger Red Hill
Beasley Hills
04/05/2008  04/06/2008    11 8
It‘s A Long Way to the Top: Endless Ridges in the Sangres 
by Kevin Baker
Twin Pks A
High Dune
North Zapata Ridge
03/29/2008  04/01/2008    1 4
Rollercoaster Ride on Hoosier Ridge
by Kevin Baker
Hoosier Ridge
Red Mtn C
Red Pk A
02/23/2008  02/24/2008    8 6
A Challenging Mid-Winter Sangre Scramble on Little Horn 
by Kevin Baker
Little Horn Pk 02/18/2008  02/18/2008    1 1
Fitzpatrick Pk (Southern Sawatch): 14 Mile Day + Groomed Track = Success
by Kevin Baker
Fitzpatrick Pk 01/20/2008  01/20/2008    9 3
Where‘s the Snow? A Sangre 13er Bash
by Kevin Baker
Comanche Pk A
Spring Mtn
Venable Pk
11/17/2007  11/18/2007    8 4
The Edwards 13er Group: Calm Before the Storm 
by Kevin Baker
Edwards, Mt
McClellan Mtn
Argentine Pk
Wilcox, Mt
10/13/2007  10/14/2007    1 1
Winds of Change on Ouray 
by Kevin Baker
Ouray, Mt
PT 13,472 A
10/06/2007  10/07/2007    1 2
A Change of Seasons on Fletcher and Drift 
by Kevin Baker
Fletcher Mtn
"Drift Pk"
09/29/2007  09/30/2007    1
Frenchcawanna: A Centennial Trifecta 
by Kevin Baker
French Mtn
Frasco BM
Casco Pk
PT 13,660 B
09/22/2007  09/23/2007  1  1
Ice Cubed: The Three Apostles Traverse 
by Kevin Baker
Ice Mtn
North Apostle
West Apostle
09/15/2007  09/16/2007    2
Loop de Loop on Meeker & Longs w/Bonus Bumps
by Kevin Baker
Meeker, Mt
Longs Peak
Meeker Ridge
09/08/2007  09/10/2007    6 1
Intro to the Raggeds on Whitehouse B & Treasure
by Kevin Baker
Treasure Mtn A 08/25/2007  08/27/2007    6 5
Flip-Floppin in Ice Lakes Basin
by Kevin Baker
Vermilion Pk
Golden Horn
US Grant Pk
Beattie Pk
"V 4"
08/12/2007  08/16/2007    9 1
The Jumbled Maze That Is Dallas Peak
by Kevin Baker
Dallas Pk 08/10/2007  08/15/2007    8 4
The La Plata Range 13ers: Hesperus to Lavender Traverse & Babcock
by Kevin Baker
Hesperus Mtn
Lavender Pk
Moss, Mt
Babcock Pk
07/21/2007  07/24/2007    9 1
The Adams Family Traverse
by Kevin Baker
Adams A, Mt
PT 13,541
PT 13,517 B
PT 13,580 A
07/07/2007  07/09/2007    7 4

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