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Old, Historic, Abandoned, Unmaintained and Unmerciful Trails: Finding Ways in the Gore Range
by gore galore
Deming Mountain 10/05/2014  11/15/2014  9  9
The Almost 14,000 Footers of 1957
by gore galore
Rito Alto Pk 06/12/2014  09/06/2014  9  6
Where The Clouds Can Go, Climbing Conrad Kain's Greatest Peaks
by gore galore
Mount Louis 08/20/2011  04/05/2014  4,1  1
Righting and Riding the Rockinghorse of the Gore Range
by gore galore
Rockinghorse 07/07/2013  12/23/2013  10  3
Frozen Music, The Mount Valhalla Massif: Its Naming, Nordic Towers, Ridges and Northeast Face Route
by gore galore
"Valhalla, Mt" 06/24/2013  11/24/2013  9  4
Figuring Out West Partner Peak: Peak Names, Might Pass, Partner Traverse and Southeast Face Route
by gore galore
"West Partner Pk" 06/10/2013  10/20/2013  10  4
The Spell of The Spider
by gore galore
The Spider 07/14/2013  09/07/2013  12  8
Five Moments That You Meet In The Mountains
by gore galore
07/22/2012  06/30/2013  7  2
The Road, The Mighty Red Sandstone Road of the Gore Range
by gore galore
07/29/2012  02/16/2013  6  5
Grand Traverse Peak, North Face: A Climbing Convergence of the Past and Present
by gore galore
"Grand Traverse Pk" 06/27/2011  01/06/2013  13  5
Archeological Mountaineering: Campsites, Lost Lumber, Past Climbs, Arrowheads & Exploring the Gore
by gore galore
"North Piney Bristle" 09/23/2012  11/03/2012  8  5
A Gore Range Melange: "Vista Peak", North Micro Ridge, Pinnacle, Tower and North Peak
by gore galore
"Vista Peak" 09/16/2012  10/08/2012  10  6
Rain Peak South Ridge: The Evolutuion of A Gore Range Climb
by gore galore
"Rain Peak" 08/05/2012  09/19/2012  13  3
by gore galore
Ikey Mountain
Hail Peak
07/17/2010  07/15/2012  15  8

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