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Weekend in Sangre de Cristo.
by milan
Crestone Needle
Crestone Peak
Culebra Peak
08/05/2012  08/15/2012  9  28 10
Chicago Basin from Purgatory TH
by milan
Mt. Eolus
Windom Peak
Sunlight Peak
Jupiter Mtn
North Eolus
07/02/2012  07/06/2012  12  30 15
Mosquito Memorial Weekend with one Gore peak.
by milan
Jacque Pk
Tweto, Mt
Mosquito Pk
Pennsylvania Mtn
West Buffalo Pk
05/26/2012  05/31/2012  6  30 2
Mosquito Delight
by milan
Horseshoe Mtn A
Peerless Mtn
Sheridan, Mt
Mt. Sherman
Dyer Mtn
05/14/2012  05/16/2012  11  24 10
Naylor Lake Loop + Edwards
by milan
Square Top Mtn A
Argentine Pk
Edwards, Mt
Wilcox, Mt
04/21/2012  04/22/2012  6  21 6
Pikes Peak - three attempts, two successful, one with accident.
by milan
Pikes Peak 03/04/2012  03/16/2012  3  24 3
Bald Mountain - gaining the prominence on my first winter 13er.
by milan
Bald Mtn A 02/12/2012  02/14/2012  5  9 5
Frozen Ocean Pacific Pk. from Mayflower Gulch via North Ridge.
by milan
Pacific Pk 12/17/2011  12/18/2011  3  25 5

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