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Mt. Evans OK, so the Rockies aren't COMPLETLY rocks. (July 2012)

By: richwill  Added: 2012-07-27
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Mt. Evans Indian Paintbrush on the Guanella Pass Trail to Mt... (July, 2009)

By: Bacchus  Added: 2010-02-08
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Mt. Evans I took this photo of The Sawtooth Ridge from Biers... (July, 2008)

By: J2TheZ  Added: 2009-07-07
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Mt. Evans Descent from Evans (August, 2007)

By: Derek  Added: 2009-03-14
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Mt. Evans Chicago Lakes Trail (July 2007)

By: Derek  Added: 2008-01-24
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Mt. Evans Chiming Bells near Summit Lake on Mt. Evans (July 2007)

By: greenhouseguy  Added: 2007-07-23
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