Ideas for a Self Supported, Self-Powered 14ers Challenege

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Ideas for a Self Supported, Self-Powered 14ers Challenege

Postby justiner » Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:27 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm playing with the idea of creating, and then performing a self-supported, self-powered 14ers climbing challenge. In my Shitty First Draft, I've dubbed this: Tour M^4 Ascension and I've started fleshing out what the challenge entails and rules to follow here:

The challenge is similar to Cavedog's/Homie's and Andrew Hamilton's projects (more so Hamilton's than anyone elses), except that there is no support team following the challenger around - it's solo, self-supported and self-powered: so no driving to/from trailheads (bicycles, etc and OK).

This is a challenge I'm thinking about doing in the future - if that means this summer, or next, or whatever: I'm not sure yet. It's quite the investment in time and money; fitness and experience and not a challenge to take lightly. Weather also plays a factor in this and a incredible winter of snow (HA!) is going to make this type of challenge a burden. Likewise a drought-winter/spring/summer is going to make travel difficult with area closures, due to forest fires.

I'd love to get some feedback on it - especially in terms of legality and sustainability (I want others, in the future to be able to take on the same challenge), as well as making this as exciting to follow along (Trackleaders, etc).

Anyways, have at it. I'm going to refrain from thread sitting and enjoy the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show,

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