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Fri night from Denver - Belford and Oxford - camp near TH

Arrange group travel to/from the peaks.
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Fri night from Denver - Belford and Oxford - camp near TH

Postby ChrisSLee1 » Thu Sep 13, 2012 7:32 am

Oxford is my last peak in the Sawatch. I'm leaving from Denver (downtown-ish) around 4:30-5ish, grab a bite on the road somewhere. Plan is to car camp near the Missouri Gulch TH (prob the north side of that road), get to bed early, wake up at sunrise or so and hit the trail with day pack. I've got a water filter for a couple refills of the Camelbak on the way up.

I've got a little Suzuki Forenza which will be fine on that dirt road. Anyone want to join? I'm fairly quick but not in any particular hurry. I'd have room for 1-2 more if anyone wanted to join to save gas, etc.

There's a couple TRs from last season I was involved in.

Hit me up on ChrisSLee1 - at - if might want to join and we'll figure something out. I'm going either way!

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