GPS and Topo! Questions

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Re: GPS and Topo! Questions

Postby oldschoolczar » Wed Jun 13, 2012 2:48 pm

CO Native wrote:Then you can get free 1:24,000 topo maps (Uploadable to your GPS) here:

These ones look a little nicer than the ones I found on Thanks!
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Re: GPS and Topo! Questions

Postby smoove » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:09 pm

CO Native wrote:You should try looking into using the Map Source software too. It's not great for mapping but much better at handling the files. You can get it for free as well through this quirky method.

Download the Training Center:

Install it

Then download the MapSource update:

Install it.

You now have full blown MapSource.

You can also download Garmin's basecamp which will allow you to delete sections of a track or shift parts of it or fill in sections.

These instructions can be found on Garmin's website (after a lot of searching) so it appears to be sanctioned by them.

Then you can get free 1:24,000 topo maps (Uploadable to your GPS) here:

Thanks for the tips. I had MapSource on my old computer and never got it transferred to the new one. Installing the Training Center first didn't work for me, but downloading and installing BaseCamp first did.

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Re: GPS and Topo! Questions

Postby RyanSchilling » Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:08 am

susanjoypaul wrote:Another question... hoping someone out there has an answer for this one:

I'm saving my manually-created waypoints in NatGeo Topo! and since (under Properties for each waypoint) the Name field is limited to a certain number of characters, I'm instead using the Message field to write short descriptions of each waypoint. For example, I would use the Name field to assign a unique identifier for the particular route, and then number each waypoint in order (starting at the Parking Lot or Trailhead), and then in the Message field write something like "Trail Junction - Go Left." However, when I export these to my Garmin GPSMap62s, I don't see these messages. Is there a way to display them in my Garmin? Or are messages not supported on the 62s?

I have been perusing numerous GPS user forums (no luck with this particular question so far), and trying tech support (which, at least per their website, doesn't appear to be particularly friendly toward users that aren't using their devices and mapping products *exclusively* - although they have promised to get back to me in 3 business days), and "expert sites" (that want to charge me $30 for an answer).

Has anyone else figured out how to do this?

The Point-of-Interest feature allows for more text information. I found out about POI's from LoJ, because that site allows you to upload a custom list of peaks to your GPS (for example, I uploaded all my unclimbed peaks in Colorado, regardless of elevation). Using POI, he is able to include summit name, elevation, prominence, isolation, quad, and class-rating if available for each point.

It seems relatively easy to convert waypoints to POIs. Here's a page on Garmin's site (in particular, note the CSV section):

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Re: GPS and Topo! Questions

Postby RyanSchilling » Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:10 am

This page shows what the LoJ POIs look like:

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Re: GPS and Topo! Questions

Postby susanjoypaul » Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:31 am

Fantastic! Just what I needed... I'll have to test it out with my files this weekend and see what this looks like on my GPS.

BTW - I forgot to thank a lot of people in my last book (Matt, Tory, et al.), and I'm trying to remember them all in this one. If you helped me out on this thread and want your real name listed in the acknowledgments, PM me and I'll include it. Not a big deal, I know, but I do like folks to know that their suggestions have been extremely helpful and I do put them to use. Thanks.


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