Glowing Eyes

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Re: Glowing Eyes

Postby Doug Shaw » Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:38 am

Paula wrote:When I finally got the nerve to move, I took a step towards them, they didn't move. I took another step closer, they didn't move. Third step closer, I realized it was the guy wires of my friend's tent reflecting in my headlamp.

Well don't leave us hanging - did they move or not?!

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Re: Glowing Eyes

Postby metalmountain » Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:03 am

On a late night hike up to Lakes of the Clouds in the Sangres me and my partner were maybe a 1/4 mile above the turn off from the Rainbow Trail trudging our way up toward the lake. We rounded a small corner and about 20 yards away and that was when I saw the bright green eyes looking back at us. Definitely stopped me dead in my tracks. I have stumbled upon a lot of different animals in the dark (even armadillos...which do funny things when you spook then), but that was the first time it really sent alarm bells off.

I stood still for a minute, trying to calm my now terrified partner down. I started clapping and yelling to try and scare it and the thing never moved. Except for the one time it must have moved its head slightly behind a tree, because I could see one of its eyes disappear and then show up again. More yelling and clapping and still it never moved really. After a standoff that lasted a couple minutes I finally bent down...slowly...and picked up a couple rocks. I threw one as hard as I could in its generally area and clipped a tree trunk nearby, which caused it to take off running. But of course it only ran off a few yards before it turned around and we could see it again, so I chunked the other rock and we could hear it taking off at a fast rate through forest.

Needless to say it was a rather anxious hike for the rest of the way up to Lakes of the Clouds. We never saw enough of the animal to guarantee that it was a cat...but I can't think of much else that it would be. Big green eyes, lower to the ground and fast. :shock:
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Re: Glowing Eyes

Postby denvermikey » Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:51 am

Few years back, me and a couple guys were hiking up pre-dawn to El Diente from Kilpacker Basin. About a mile or two into it when we were walking through a clearing we all suddenly stopped from hearing a rustling noise off to our left. Two sets of glowing eyes were about 100' or so off trail. Before we could even begin to process what the creatures could even be, two loud snarling barking growling vicious voices came booming across the clearing toward us. :shock: "What the....?" :shock: It took probably only a second or two to figure out they were just dogs, but it also only took a second or two for me to load my pants. We all started yelling and raising our highly specialized vicious-wildlife repelling trekking poles. Shortly thereafter, a lantern illuminated a previously out of sight tent where the owners of the vicious canines commanded them to calm down. If any of us were still a bit groggy from our 4:30 am start, that certainly took care of it.
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Re: Glowing Eyes

Postby nyker » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:02 pm

Scroll down to see image two: This was in the Adirondacks in NY.

This was one of the pair of eyes I saw, which turned out to be a deer; another set I saw earlier that morning I am pretty sure was a bear, which is one reason I don't have a photo.

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Re: Glowing Eyes

Postby Taillon75 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:11 pm

Nothing a Colt .45 can't get rid of.

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Re: Glowing Eyes

Postby nyker » Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:07 am

Taillon75 wrote:Nothing a Colt .45 can't get rid of.

Yes agreed, but in New York now under the newly accounced Cuomo gun law, your Colt .45 needs to have a magazine limited to holding 7 rounds and you need to register it in a federal and state firearms database. Your purchase of the .45 ammo is tracked and monitored as is where you shoot it. The local newspapers will also publish on a map, your name, address and what you own so all your liberal neighbors know so they can send you hate mail, torment your kids in school and give you the cold shoulder at parent functions. You also need to have previously owned the gun or get a grandfathered piece from an FFL holder, and register it, since newly manufactured ones with those capacities are now banned in the state. Wonder if the guy holding up the liquor store or who is planning an armed robbery is abiding by those same rules...hmmm.


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