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14'er Climbing Fees Might Be Considered

Colorado 14ers access and fee issues only, please

Are you okay with paying a user fee to access Colorado 14'ers?

Yes, for all 14'ers.
Maybe, for certain areas.
Maybe, but only if the fees were small.
No, fees should generally not be charged to access these areas.
Total votes : 228
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Re: 14'er Climbing Fees Might Be Considered

Postby ClayDishman » Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:24 pm

Aug_Dog wrote:If it keeps Texans off our mountains, I'm for it!!!!!! :)

Mandatory fees: NO…. More awareness of how to donate and why at the trails: YES…

As someone that practices zero impact (as much as one possibly can), ethical wilderness travel and maintains safe climbing standards it’s easy to get frustrate with those that don’t share the same views.

Every time I am blessed with the opportunity of “loosing” myself within a climb and become completely aware of the magnificence that surrounds me I can’t help but want others to share in that experience as well. For those that don’t “Get It” hopefully it evokes some sense of appreciation or self enlightenment into how lucky we truly are.

Aug_Dog… Please try to encourage ethical practices the next time you come across someone from Texas that wouldn’t necessarily see things the way you do. Please and thank you goes along way when helping people understand respect.

Hopefully we can meet sometime along the trail to share some good stories and have a few laughs.

Yes… I’m from Texas… Thank You,

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Re: 14'er Climbing Fees Might Be Considered

Postby edhaman » Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:30 pm

According to the Aspen Times article, "the Forest Service will reach out to Roaring Fork Valley residents." The last time I checked, the Forest Service is part of the federal government and responsible to all of us. So why should just Roaring Fork Valley residents be consulted?


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