Alternate 14er Route "Wish List" is looking for experienced climbers to created alternate route descriptions for the Online Guidebook.  If you have a good knowledge of one or more of the routes listed below, and would like to contribute to the site, please PM me through the forum. The main goal is to add route descriptions that provide high-quality, detailed assistance to those seeking information about a route. Substance is more important that style in this case, so I'm not necessarily looking for good writers (just look at my route descriptions!). I realize that several people may ask to contribute the same route, so please don't be offended if someone else is assigned to a route. Please, only offer to help if your serious about writing one or more of the routes. Also, consider the following requirements:

1) A solid knowledge of the route from at least one climb. This is a tough one. Some people can climb a route 3 times and not remember important details that can make a difference. And there are those that can climb that route once and remember the important areas (trail junctions, milestones, crux points, exposure areas, etc.) that are key to a quality route description.
2) 10-30 recent photos that will provide readers with relevant photos throughout the climb. The number of photos for a route will depend on it's complexity, difficulty and length.
3) The ability to added route lines to a photo, similar to those already on the site. This could be a simple paint program, but programs like Adobe Photoshop make the task much easier.
4) Mapping software is not required. If you can bring in a Topozone or other Internet map and draw the route line on it, I can convert it to a USGS map image for use on the site. Also, if you don't have software to generate a route profile, I can add the profile.
5) A willingness to work with me if there are things we have to tweak before (and after) it's added to the site.
6) As the author, your forum username will be displayed at the top of the route description.
7) You are 18 years of age or older.

Here's the initial list of routes I'd like to get on the site. If the route name is red, the listed author is set to create that route description.:

Front Range

Potential Authors

Torreys Peak  
     North Ridge - from Grizzly Gulch  
Longs Peak  
     North Face  
     Kieners Mark Milburn
     Keplinger's Coluir Brad Snider
Pikes Peak  
     "Y" Couloir  

Sawatch Range


Mt. Elbert  
     West Face  
Mt. Massive  
     14,000-foot point loop - from N. Halfmoon Creek TH  
Mt. Harvard  
     From Pine Creek  
Mt. Yale  
     Northwest Ridge  
Mt. Oxford  
     From Pine Creek (without Waverly) mallison
Missouri Mountain  
     East Ridge  
Mt. of the Holy Cross  
     Angelica Couloir Chicago Transplant

Sangre de Cristo Range


Kit Carson Peak  
     Outward Bound Couloir  
     The Prow Barry Raven
Challenger Point  
     Kirk Couloir  

San Juan Mountains


Wilson Peak  
     West Face - from Silver Pick Basin  
Mt. Sneffels  
     East Slopes - from Blaine Basin  
San Luis Peak  
     West Slopes  

Elk Mountains


Castle Peak  
     West Face - from Conundrum Creek  
     West Ridge - from Conundrum Creek  
Snowmass Mountain  
     "S" Ridge benners

How will this work?
If you've ever added a trip report to, the process and pages will be similar. But most of the work will be before you even enter it into the site; creating annotated photos is one of the time-consuming aspects and can require more time than the actual writing of the report. Here are the general steps that would be required:
1) Assemble the necessary photos that provide a solid pictorial of the route and it's important sections/views.
2) Using computer software, annotate the photos to draw route lines, peak names, etc., where necessary.
3) Generate a topo map image with the route line drawn on it.
4) Optional: Generate a route profile image using mapping software.
5) Log into the Route Generation System (coming soon) to enter the text and upload the photos. Instructions will be provided on the new pages. Again, they will be similar to the Trip Report Pages.
6) Once you have completed the route, I will be automatically be emailed so I can review the route. It will then be activated in the system and in the online guidebook.

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