Innsbruck Hikes suggestions

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Steve Gio
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Innsbruck Hikes suggestions

Post by Steve Gio » Sat Jul 20, 2019 7:24 pm

Howdy all. I haven't posted in quite a while cause, well we don't live in CO any more. Moved to Vermont for work last fall. Winter sucked but the summer is great. Anyway we are heading to Europe to visit my wife's folks this September in Czech and taking a week to go to Innsbruck. So looking for ideas on hikes that I may not see on line. I ordered a map and should have it soon.

I should say that our son Romeo will be turning 2 at that time and riding on my back. He is hiking these days but still just 2.

Anyway I figure we have lots of options from the Tux alps all the way down to Brenner in Italy or up to Zugspitz if we want. So if anyone has suggestions sans ferratta or glaciers. Good loop hikes with peaks would be awesome.

Thanks. We miss Colorado. Hopefully the Alps will be our fix for this year.

Steve, Gabi, Romeo
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