Multiple summits in one day

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Re: Multiple summits in one day

Post by illusion7il » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:41 pm

Here is 10 peaks you can get done in 1 day. ... trip=12134

Skip PT 13300A and you should be able to keep the difficulty at Class 3 or below.

Now you just gotta figure out what to do with those other 9 days ?
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Re: Multiple summits in one day

Post by SchralpTheGnar » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:19 pm

peter303 wrote:
Mike Kirsch wrote:Hi,I am planning a trip next June to Colorado and plan on being there for a few weeks to climb. I have climbed Massive, Quandary, Sherman and a few lower altitude summits. While there, I would like to knock out as many summits as I can so not looking for overly difficult hikes, trying to stick to mountains that are relatively close together. My ultimate goal would be to tackle 10 summits in 10 days. Any suggestions?
Snowshoe up. Ski down? Gaiters and waterproof boots too.
June can still have much snow. This has been a way above average winter so far.
Statewide the current snowpack is 112%, which is hardly way above average, the only reason that everyone thinks this year is way above average is because the last two years were so bad. Of course 20 years from now this year will be a way above average year as climate change continues to make the snow disappear.
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Re: Multiple summits in one day

Post by justiner » Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:29 pm

It's a little lumpy, yeah? This says: ... update.pdf

147% around the Sawatch.
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Re: Multiple summits in one day

Post by Conor » Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:08 pm

Wish I lived in CO wrote:
WishIWasInTheMts wrote:Honestly, 10 peaks in 10 days is a lot and probably won't be much fun by the end of it. .............. Just enjoy the adventure.
Depends on the OP's goals.

Back in the day 10 years ago when I started I was a total bagger and thoroughly enjoyed climbing just as much as I could in a week's trip, typically only one rest day (two at the most) in a 9 day stretch. I came to climb and that's I wanted to do, not just for a list, but because I wanted to climb for the enjoyment of it! I've known others to be the same way.

The bagging mentality is especially true if: 1) You're new to this and "hooked" on it., 2) You're from out of state and in live in a flatland area, and 3) You've had to wait all winter / spring for next summer's trip. Worked out good for me as I was able climb a lot of peaks, and really enjoyed the climbing, even several days in a row. It would help to do some overnights as then the pack in or pack out would be easier days. Of course now that I am getting older and only have a few left, I've been slowing down the past few years and am not in a rush anymore; plus it helps that I have now moved away from flat-lands.

As others have mentioned, June can have snow. July or August are better that way, but as you must know have the monsoon rains that make early starts prudent.

To the OP, do what you want! But yes, have some back-up plans ready if the weather is bad, you're tired, or just want to do other things. Or just climb everyday if you want. Be safe.
I agree with this. We all have different goals.

This summer i think i did 13 or 14 peaks in 3ish days of hiking over a 10 day span this summer. I did all the sangres but Humboldt and Lindsey in just 2 days of hiking.

If throwing in "lower altitude" peaks, some easier linkups would be around james peak or panassus/bard or in ten mile range north of quand. Non 14ers usually have their own challenges of navigating/route finding though. Sherman/sheridan is another good linkup. Work on roach's extra credit.
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Re: Multiple summits in one day

Post by nyker » Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:06 pm

DavidEStaunton wrote:I am planning on working near Buena Vista for the summer and would like to climb 10,000 vertical feet in one day.
I have already done the Missouri Gulch Death March, (Missouri, Iowa, Emerald, Oxford, Waverly, Belford, and Pecks.)
Would be grateful for any ideas. I like suffering.
I don't know where you are now, but if you want to get 10,000ft in one hike on one mountain, doable in one day...California has a few options, try White Mountain Peak from the west side or Mt San Jacinto from the desert floor, each has about 10k vertical gain.
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