First mountains in Colorado?

Colorado peak questions, condition requests and other info.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by cedica »

Elbert, on my first ever morning in CO. Gosh what a mistake, should've done any other Sawatch peak north of 306 instead.

Next was the failure on Sneffels two days later (weather), then success on Handies and Wetterhorn in the following two days.

Thanks Bill Middlebrook, you rock and roll!
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by Chicago Transplant »

I hiked up Flattop and Hallet in RMNP on a backpacking trip in August 2002.

First 14er was also on a trip from Chicago, Grays/Torreys June 2003.

First peak as a resident was Peak 9 in the Tenmile, June 2004.

I was on top of Pikes as a 16 month old, but we took the train up.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by JChitwood »

Sneffels on 7/21/94. I was living in the flatlands of central Illinois and vacationing in Telluride with my girlfriend and a college friend and his wife. We wondered into the old Telluride Mountaineer and ended up talking to an employee about hiking a peak. He said Sneffels was just over the hill all you had to do was “grab a ridge” and walk to the summit. I asked how to get to the trailhead and was told to take Oak Street over Imogene Pass and the trailhead would be at the bottom on the other side. After drinking too much the night before and a late breakfast, we started up Imogene in a rental Ford Explorer having never driven a 4x4 road before. Needless to say Imogene was a challenge and the real off roaders were not pleased with having to deal with a newbie. With much luck we made it to the trailhead around 2 in the afternoon. As we exited the vehicle there was a loud pop and hissing of air. I thought we’d blown a tire but it was “only” a shock. We finally started walking up the road with no idea which mountain to climb. Fortunately after a bit there was a sign pointing to Mt Sneffels and after that it was easy we just went up where dozens of folks were coming down. The steep gully was full of snow and those coming down had spiky things on their boots but we kept heading up in our low top tennies and made the summit at 5:30. I’m still amazed that there were 10 or so others on top at that time. It was the start of a decades long run of good weather while hiking, and yes, I am certainly aware of how lucky we were. I would guess the fellow at the mountain shop was messing with us tourons I’m sure we deserved it.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by blakhawk »

1998 at a ripe 18 years old my mom sister and I hiked Flattop and Hallet as well...3rd trip out west(but 1st time actually summitting a peak) that focused on climbing multi pitch routes on lumpy ridge and eldorado canyon. Good family times.

1st 14er was Longs a year later.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by cougar »

Flattop and Hallett were my first mountains ever, hiked as a tourist with almost no real hiking experience.

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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by Barnold41 »

One of the 12ers by Hoosier. Then Elbert the summer after that.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by Altitude High »

Mt. Massive, at the end of a CT section hike in 2014. That's where my avatar pic comes from.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by myfeetrock »

Sopris July 4th weekend 2008. This was at the top. I was hooked!
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Edit: First 13er, don't recall
First 14er, Pyramid
Second, Castle
Third, N.Maroon
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by 2giqs »

Tried to drive up Pikes in 1968 while on a three day pass from Ft. Riley. Didn't make it all the way. Flattop in 1976 was the first Colorado mountain that I hiked up. Didn't return to the Colorado mountains until 1998. Did Flattop again. Failed on Longs. Success on Longs in 2004 and on Pikes the following year (hiking not driving).
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by greenonion »

First mountain/14er in Colorado was Uncompahgre in the late 70s. Then did it 4 more times over the years before something went off in my head hinting that there were 50+ others. Taking long enough but that’s ok because I simply love hiking them.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by nsaladin »

Mt. Democrat, snowing and high wind at the saddle in July. Went back 2 weeks later and got it. Ordered a pair of boots on amazon so I didn’t hike in my Nikes again. Summited Grays and Torreys on the day of the September 2013 floods (as you can see I didn’t think checking the weather was very important), luckily the weather in the mountains wasn’t bad at all, just misty. Followed that up with Lincoln, Cameron, Bross from Montgomery Reservoir because I didnt think my personal car could get up the road to Kite Lake, had previously went up with my dad in his truck for Democrat as my first... Then it got really out of control... Started buying all sorts of gear, changed my personal vehicle to get more clearance... I then found this site, and that was all she wrote. In the last 7 years, theres probably under 10 weekends where I have not spent a day in the mountains.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by Will_E »

AndrewLyonsGeibel wrote: Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:31 pm
d_baker wrote: Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:29 pm First peak: Pikes via Barr, daytrip
Barr day trip was my first as well.
Me three. First time was with Dad, but we cheated and left a car at the top. The next year I went back by myself and did the round trip.
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