First mountains in Colorado?

Colorado peak questions, condition requests and other info.
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Scott P
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First mountains in Colorado?

Post by Scott P »

What were the first mountains you ever climbed in Colorado?

For me it was on a 4th of July weekend. On day 1 I climbed Sneffels, followed by Wilson Peak and Mount Wilson on the next day. The day after that I climbed Lone Cone and the Dry Creek Anticline.

Where did you start/what was your first trip?
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by Sbenfield »

In high school I took online gym class & had to wear a heart rate monitor to track how much exercise I did. I hiked Quandary Pk only to collect a lot of exercise minutes but turned out I had a lot of fun.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by justiner »

Fittingly, Peak 1!

We got caught in a lightning/hail storm at the top, so I got to learn about all that on my first trip. Fun! My Brother took me up, when I was visiting him in Breckenridge - he got me my first job, too. It was a real treat to do that Tenmile/Mosquito traverse years later, and have him be there waiting for me at the end, with beers and burgers. Go Bro!
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by douglas »

Probably Devil's Head with my babies in a backpack.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by speth »

Shoshoni Peak - I had lived in Colorado for about 18 months at that point, had basically been a couch potato, and had seen it from the parking lot at Brainard Lake. "Those mountains must be miles and miles away..."

Still one of my absolute favorites; I was absolutely wrecked afterwards (I think like 6 or 8 miles RT...) and got the bug, never looked back. Definitely changed the trajectory of what I was doing with my life :)

Mountain Project (mostly non-applicable...) : ... shoni-peak
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by Gandalf69 »

Mt Massive, at age 11, in boy scouts. We made the saddle before turning around due to lightning and snow. One of the few times I've seen lightning up close and personal. I vividly remember one of our leaders saying "huddle up under this big rock" lol
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by CaptCO »

Panorama Point, Roslyn (Rosalies lil sis), Bierstadt , Quandary, followed by addiction
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by Tornadoman »

As far as hiking- Bierstadt on a quick weekend trip from Kansas, the next summer was Yale over July 4th.

(Different question, but I accompanied my dad on a Colorado business trip when I was 15, and we drove to Pikes Peak summit so that was my first experience of being at 14k).
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by Matt »

Longs Peak was first, during a 2002 roadie in which I moved from the midwest to Albuquerque. I had no business being there, but made the summit.
To this day, that feels like one of the greatest accomplishments of my life, more so than even finishing the CO 14ers.
Elbert was next a couple months later.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by d_baker »

First peak: Pikes via Barr, daytrip
First 13er: W Spanish Pk
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by AndrewLyonsGeibel »

d_baker wrote: Wed Jan 06, 2021 12:29 pm First peak: Pikes via Barr, daytrip
Barr day trip was my first as well.
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Re: First mountains in Colorado?

Post by nyker »

My first hike was not a peak but Mills Lake hike in RMNP in May 2004. My first mountain in CO was Hallett Peak two years later.
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