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13er routes and images in 14ers Android app

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2022 5:09 pm
by JaredJohnson
Sorry if this has already been requested, and I'm not sure if this question applies to iOS too or just android. It appears as if information about 13ers and 13er routes is stored in a similar format to the 14ers, or at least the web site presents them identically. But in the android app, the app can only get at route information and route photos, and download those photos for offline use, for the 14ers. Would it be difficult to provide a setting to expose the 13ers via the android app as well?

I realize there might not be as much demand for this compared to 14ers since there seems to be more of a "show up and see" ethos for the 13ers; but I like to be as prepared as possible, even if I am maybe clever enough by now not to need the information at my fingertips.

Re: 13er routes and images in 14ers Android app

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2022 5:14 pm
by BillMiddlebrook
Yes, much of the info for popular (highest) 13ers is on the site but I haven't decided whether I want to include in the mobile apps. I might include the Centennials but I doubt I'll go beyond that. Certainly not in the level of detail that I provide for 14ers.

Re: 13er routes and images in 14ers Android app

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2022 9:30 am
by JaredJohnson
To be clear I don't think the 13er route information / photos should be more detailed or extensive; if they became less detailed that wouldn't be the end of the world either. It's just awkward changing usage patterns depending on whether a peak is above 14,0000 feet.

For a 14er route I can live in the app, click "download photos" to make sure I have them offline, and when I'm ready to drive to the TH I go to the route in the app, select the TH, and then hit the link for the Google map.

For a 13er route on the same site, I use Chrome to view the route info, and use Chrome's download feature to make sure I have the information offline; I haven't found any consistent/easy way to get driving directions to the TH in Google maps, not that it's that big a deal to figure out the location by other means and plug it in.

I can already get at the information on my phone, and offline, and am super grateful for it by the way! it would just be nice to access it in a manner consistent with how 14er information is accessed :)