RIP Larry Mack

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RIP Larry Mack

Post by d_baker »

I received an email this morning from Eddie (Mtnman200) to let me know his Dad had passed away recently.
Sad news to be sure, but what a life he lived and obviously passed onto Eddie and then of course to Larry's grandsons, Randy (RandyMack) and David.
I first learned of Larry (and Eddie) when I came across a summit register they had placed on Mt Jackson.....

Republic-of-TexasMountaineers.jpg (105.39 KiB) Viewed 2802 times

After that trip, I had posted to the forum about the Republic of Texas Mountaineers, and lo and behold Eddie responded and explained the he retold that story to me today:
"My dad was cofounder of the Austin Runners Club as well as the (infamous) Republic of Texas Mountaineers. We both enjoyed leaving RTM registers to troll the CMC."

If you have been climbing 13ers, there's no doubt that you have seen their registers if not at least Larry's name in many high peaks in CO.

Here's a little more background on Larry Mack, written and shared by Eddie.

"Well into my mid-20s, I had to ask him to slow down so I could keep up. My dad’s first 14er was Longs Peak on 8/23/1963 via the cable route (north face) with my mom. He finished the 14ers on Crestone Peak on 8/16/1987 and the centennials on Grizzly Peak on 8/5/1992. My dad ended his climbing career having climbed all but 10 bicentennials. One of my regrets is that we weren’t able to get that done together, but Father Time is undefeated.

Attached is a photo of my dad on the summit of Huron Peak on 7/27/1997. That was his last 14er, although he climbed another 36 Colorado 13ers after that. His final 13er was Kendall Benchmark (near Silverton) on 10/2/2001, a week to the day before his 69th birthday.
Larry Mack on Huron Peak (7-27-1997).jpg
Larry Mack on Huron Peak (7-27-1997).jpg (115 KiB) Viewed 2802 times

To grow up with a Dad that takes you out on peaks and adventures such as Larry Mack did has to be special and memories that last, and in this case passed on to Eddie and his sons as well (Randy completed the bi-cents in 2020!).

I've hiked with both Eddie and Randy, and both are great companions in the mountains, as I'm sure Larry was too.
To Eddie and Randy, and the rest of the Mack family, my next peak will be in memory of Larry.

Larry Mack obituary.
Larry Mack loj

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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by HikerGuy »

Damn, sorry to hear, sounds like quite a full life though. Sorry for your loss, Eddie and Randy.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by CaptCO »

RIP, sorry for your loss.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by Marmot72 »

RIP Larry. My condolences to the Mack family - so sorry to hear, Eddie! His legacy lives on in you and your sons.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by ltlFish99 »

RIP Larry. It sounds like you had a great life and a wonderful family.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by nunns »

HikerGuy wrote: Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:40 pm Damn, sorry to hear, sounds like quite a full life though. Sorry for your loss, Eddie and Randy.
+1. Based on the type of encouraging guy Eddie is on this forum, I would imagine that his dad was the same way.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by highpilgrim »

All I can say, never having met them, is that the Mack Clan is collectively a great asset to the board and I have to assume that the patriarch was the reason the sons represent as they do.

RIP, Mr. Mack.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by 12ersRule »

Sorry for your loss, Eddie and Randy. Glad that you could enjoy so many adventures in the outdoors with your dad.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by nyker »

I'm sorry to learn of this.

Eddie, Randy, my condolences to you and your family. Your Dad (and Grandpa, Randy) seemed like a great guy and you were
fortunate to have spent many a summit climb together.

RIP Larry.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by Matt »

I'm sorry to hear of this, too.
While I've never met Eddie or Randy, these guys appear to be a class act, models for dedicated peak baggers.
This speaks volumes about Larry.
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by rijaca »

Eddie, I offer my condolences and thoughts to you and your family.

It was a pleasure to meet and climb with you and Randy a couple years ago on Cottonwood Peak. I remember seeing the RTM summit registers on some peaks and always was curious about the origins.

Some of my fondest memories are hiking with my kids, and I'm sure you and Randy have a created a ton of them with Larry. :thumbup:

RIP Larry Mack
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Re: RIP Larry Mack

Post by Gene913 »

Family means everything. Sometimes it is your family of origin. Sometimes not. What a blessing the Mack family has been to each other and to so many others. Peace and grace as you celebrate a life well lived.
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