Partner 12/21 or 12/22

Need a climbing partner? Trying to form a hiking group for an outing?
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Partner 12/21 or 12/22

Post by LoveThisSite » Wed Dec 16, 2020 11:44 am

Looking for a partner to get a snowflake. Options I'm considering:
- Yale
- Elbert
- Democrat
- Grays/Torreys (maybe a winter camp at the summer trailhead 3 miles up the road).
- Princeton (maybe winter camp at the radio towers assuming road is closed at 2WD)
- Missouri (maybe winter camp at Clohesy Lake - somewhat dependent on Missouri Gulch access)
- Shav/Tab
- Others options also ok, just not something that's extreme - I need to build my endurance

I'm a 49 yo average speed hiker, generally pretty fit. Safety conscious, and not worried about turning back - the mountain will always be there. If I can find a compatible partner, I would like to attempt a few more snowflakes this winter.

Email/PM me..
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Re: Partner 12/21 or 12/22

Post by a forest » Wed Dec 16, 2020 10:08 pm

sent a PM
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