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Re: Stats on usage

Post by cougar » Wed Sep 02, 2020 9:30 am

I'm still seeing no one or hardly anyone on the non-standard routes on easier peaks like the Sawatch, and even the harder ones, despite seeing a ton of people camping or at the trailhead and in some cases on the standard route. Also earlier starts (not super early, but usually starting by first light), for me means I usually have a summit and route to myself on the ascent, even on busy weekends.

Did Missouri standard route on a good weather Monday in mid June, saw a nearly empty trailhead, and no one all day until I was back down below the Belford split and close to treeline, even then it was just a couple hikers and a CFI trail crew. It was rather eerie, like zombie apocalypse. TH was packed as usual on Sat.

Seeing more people on 13ers than 14ers in some cases. The day before, I saw no one on Lulu Gulch route up Huron until I joined the standard route, although there was a crowd of hundreds starting up the 4wd road to the standard route when I started, and met a lot on the summit and descent.

In areas with harder peaks, I'm seeing more people backpacking or hiking the trails, but not as many on the peaks.
WIllow Lake was packed for camping and casual hikers on trail, even on weekdays, trail crew was a big part of that. But I saw only a couple people all day on the peaks, and had all summits to myself.

The front range trails that have been crowded seem to be more so and expect that to continue. Think of what's been closed or restricted this year (Mt Evans road, RMNP and Maroon Bells needing reservations, fire closures, stay-at home orders), a big drop off in out of state travel/flying, hotel stays, campground restrictions - kept a lot of people closer to home or concentrated people to certain areas when they couldn't access others.

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