stuck truck on Mt. Cameron

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Re: stuck truck on Mt. Cameron

Post by JerryB »

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Re: stuck truck on Mt. Cameron

Post by elkheart22 »

gsliva wrote:My head is going to explode. Luckily 3 X 10 minute Zone 4 intervals on the bike trainer for two hours has curbed my bickering reflex. Where's the scotch!

Hell lets make this a 14ers weekend rescue and we can take some "Talus Monkey" pictures. What do you think?
Glenn, some day I need to buy you a beer!!!
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Re: stuck truck on Mt. Cameron

Post by huffy13 »

Jim Davies wrote:Some news stories on the 2000 incident above Silverton: ... 08161.html" onclick=";return false; ... s_removed/" onclick=";return false;

Best quote:
In the case of Texan Gary Hatcher and his brother and young
niece, the only passenger, the men apparently were lured to their
precarious perches above California Gulch by a sheep trail, said
Bureau of Land Management Alpine Ranger Lisa Richardson.
Texans and sheep, a dangerous combination....

Yes we are fond of our hot sheep!
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Re: stuck truck on Mt. Cameron

Post by jaymz »

Dude... seriously? :?
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Re: stuck truck on Mt. Cameron

Post by mtnfiend »

Saw this one coming back from Dunton after a few days in the Navajo Lake area. Obviously not a new incident, but if I were the driver of that vehicle when it went off the road I probably would have crapped my pants.
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Re: stuck truck on Mt. Cameron

Post by tmathews »

I laugh at this, but it's in spite of myself. I can truly empathize with anyone who has had to abandon his/her vehicle up in the mountains. About five years ago -- before I started hiking and getting into mountaineering -- I use to like to off-road. I found myself in a pretty hairy situation near Aspen, but it wasn't because of overconfidence, just ignorance. I simply didn't know where I was going. I still like driving off-road, but I do so with a lot more confidence in that I know my limitations.

At any rate, I wrote about it back then on my website before I turned it into a blog. While reading this post, I thought back to that time. I decided that I want to re-post it as a reminder to myself that I have to know when enough is enough. There's no shame in turning around when you know you've already pushed your limits. It was a humbling experience. If you're interested, you can read about it here (with photos):