Raymond Versaw

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Raymond Versaw

Post by docbrit »

A legacy of family and fourteeners. Obituary for Raymond Versaw.

Raymond Versaw was born in 1923 and grew up in the San Luis Valley. He was drafted into the Navy during WW II. His father climbed Blanca Peak in 1933 along with one of Ray’s uncles. In 1947, after the war Ray and some brothers climbed Blanca Peak with his father. That began a lifelong love of the mountains and climbing with family. From 1948 until 1996 Ray climbed fourteeners with his wife, children and grandchildren. He actually completed his “54” in 1990. He went and added Challenger 1996. Like most of us who have completed the quest, he climbed many peaks more than once. After his retirement from the FAA, Ray started a quest for the state high points. He was “weathered out” on Granite Peak (Montana) twice, and did not attempt to climb Denali, but finished the other 48. Many of these summits he did with his wife Naomi, and children and grandchildren. He and his wife had 4 sons, 1 daughter, 14 grand children and 35 great grandchildren. Ray and Naomi were married 68 years. Of course there was much more to his life than climbing 14ers. He was a man of strong Christian faith, and love for family, and had a great mind for physics, electronics and mechanics. I write this obituary here to encourage other climbers to follow his example to enjoy the experience with those they love.

Also, Raymond’s father, accompanied by several family members, climbed Blanca Peak when he was 80. Raymond was not to be outdone, and made it a family legacy, and climbed Blanca in 2003 at the age of 80. He was joined with 6 family members.

His spirit left this world to join his Savior on April 3, 2019 at the age of 96.

Submitted by Kent Britton MD
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Re: Raymond Versaw

Post by nunns »

Man, if I could have that life (and that obit) I would take it.
Just doing the math, he was 95 or 96.

Sean Nunn
"Thy righteousness is like the great mountains." --Psalms 36:6
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Re: Raymond Versaw

Post by JTOlson26 »

Man, that guy lived a life!

Funny, I think I know one of his sons, Alan Versaw. He was a school teacher with my dad in Colorado Springs in the 90s and someone we used to hike 14ers with during that time.
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Re: Raymond Versaw

Post by osprey »

A very nice obituary for a wonderful man.
Thank you for your kindness in the writing.
Would we all be able to live with grace and age so well.
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Re: Raymond Versaw

Post by glenmiz »

A model for all to aspire to. Thanks.
Aim high to end high
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Re: Raymond Versaw

Post by nsaladin »

Great story. I always think how hard it would’ve been those days when I hear stories like this .
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Re: Raymond Versaw

Post by JChitwood »

Doc...very inspiring thanks for taking the time to write. Godspeed Mr. Versaw.
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Re: Raymond Versaw

Post by Mtnman200 »

Thanks for posting that, Kent. Certainly a life well-lived and worthy of celebration...

P.S. I remember you from U.S. Grant in August 1988.
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