Looking for backcountry ski partners

Info, conditions and gear related to skiing or riding Colorado Peaks, including the 14ers!
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Re: Looking for backcountry ski partners

Post by mountainute »

Hey Folks,

I'm up for skitouring and splitboarding - every winter.

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Re: Looking for backcountry ski partners

Post by austinpavlas »

I am looking for a BC partner for this winter. I just moved here from Alaska over the summer, but have taken Avy 1 up in Alaska and have all the necessary gear. I took Avy 1 two years ago and have approximately 25 days in the BC after taking the class, but none in the last year due to an ACL tear.
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Re: Looking for backcountry ski partners

Post by wildernessdave »

I’m available for mid week adventures!
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Re: Looking for backcountry ski partners

Post by JacerJack »

I'm always up for meeting new touring buddies. I'm a 28 y/o male, based out of Evergreen. I have my AIARE 2, Companion Rescue, and WFA. I'm a Splitboarder who likes moving at an average pace - not skimo fast, but not snowshoe slow. I usually like to keep it mellow and low-angle in winter, then get after it on the bigger objectives later in the spring (Pretty low risk acceptance when it comes to avy stuff).

Also, check out the Facebook Group "Colorado Backcountry Ski & Snowboard"... lots of good like-minded folks there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/COBackcountry/
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Re: Looking for backcountry ski partners

Post by gotpow »

27 y/o M, I live in Grand Junction and am always looking for new touring and/or ski mountaineering partners. I have my AIARE 1 and prefer to keep things very conservative in the winter. Always down to get onto the steeper stuff when things solidify in spring. Seems like there's not a lot of skiers around these parts so if you're on the western slope (or want to meet in the middle somewhere, Vail pass etc.) hit me up! Free on weekends.

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Re: Looking for backcountry ski partners

Post by lcjackson »

I also live in Grand Junction. 28 y/o male with Avy 1. Looking to do some bigger things in the Spring but as mentioned, I try and keep it mellow mid-winter. Available weekends, and mid-week with a few days notice.
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Re: Looking for backcountry ski partners

Post by cheechaco »

Anybody around Denver want to get out tomorrow (01/6)???
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Re: Looking for backcountry ski partners

Post by KyaCav »

Headed to Lake City zone to ski Wednesday-Friday. Wouldn’t mind some solid company. Here’s my tentative plan:

1)Wetterhorn East face on Wednesday: looks sunny and windy from the west, but not getting warm really. Start hiking by 5am
2) Sunshine and Redcloud on Thursday hopefully east slopes but see what else is filled in. Weather looks $ but could get too warm. Start hiking by 5am.
3) Handies east face on Friday. Another sunny day but maybe some breeze to help fight off the warming. Start hiking at 5:00 am.

Night temps look good. Thursday night only 26 though.

If ya wanna check my background I go by kya.cav on Instagram and Mark Cavaliero on da Facebook.
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