Self destruct button for Trip Reports

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Self destruct button for Trip Reports

Post by daway8 »

So while writing up my latest trip report I had left the window open for longer than normal (took a while writing it and also got distracted/delayed several times) so apparently it had been idle long enough for my login to automatically time-out.

When I finally put all the finishing touches on the trip report and hit "Save and Activate" it instead (since I was apparently no longer logged in) acted as a self-destruct button that obliterated everything (I checked the trip report tab and it didn't show up and when I went to my trip report history it showed up as a report in progress but with only the title and photos).

Fortunately I had done a rough draft in Word so I was able to copy over most of the data but had to reinsert and re-caption all the photos, tweak the formatting etc.

Is there a good way (other than not taking too long) to make sure you don't auto-destruct trip reports by having your login timed out mid-report?
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Re: Self destruct button for Trip Reports

Post by WildWanderer »

You can save it as inactive while you're working on it a few times to ensure your progress isn't lost.
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Re: Self destruct button for Trip Reports

Post by lodgling »

Wow, that's rough. Sorry man. Good thing you had a draft.
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Re: Self destruct button for Trip Reports

Post by BillMiddlebrook »

I’ll see what I can do to avoid this.

It was probably caused by an IP address change in the session that was inactive.
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