Get off my talus!

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Do threads having nothing to do with mountains and/or outdoor activity add to the .COM experience?

1) YES! The obsessive nature of most of us on this site is balanced somewhat as a result of being forced to think about something other than walking up hills a long time.
2) Yes. I don't care about Mormons but am looking for a retirement home I can afford.
3) Yes; I never climb mountains and only come here for the occasional drama, OR I finished the 14ers years ago and me and the old fogies like me hate facebook but still want to yell from our porch at trespassers.
4) Yes. I like how worldly I feel when I learn about all the things to do outside away from my mom's basement and my puter.
5) NO! I am very narrow-minded and self-centered and don't want any gibberish about cosmetology school being a good career path getting in the way of talking over the difference between C2 and C2+ routes.
6) No. I want to only talk about those things related to mountaineering that 98.9% of the people on this site don't want to learn.
7) No. I need to know whether a prussik, double granny prussik, or fireman's square knot is the best knot to anchor a 3 person belay so that I'm ready to rock the crags next month.
8) No way; most of the assholes posting these stupid threads are from out of state and they should piss in their own well, not ours.
9) Meh.
10) Bill should take this thread down quickly, before we can DISCUSS!
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Re: Get off my talus!

Post by highpilgrim »

Alpinefroggy wrote: Tue May 11, 2021 5:55 pm That's what were're supposed to do, right?
In actuality, I was laughing at all of us including me; I fit into several options. :lol:

We all take this just a tad too serious at times. Big group of Type A variables on the .com, it seems. Some more balanced than others. And the occasional mayhem is a part of the allure, for me at least.
Call on God, but row away from the rocks.
Hunter S Thompson

Walk away from the droning and leave the hive behind.
Dick Derkase
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Re: Get off my talus!

Post by benmangelsdorf »

cedica wrote: Mon May 10, 2021 2:25 pm
12ersRule wrote: Mon May 10, 2021 2:00 pm I raved about Portishead though!
Imho Dummy is OK, second (eponymous) album is getting there, but Third is the rapture. It is DF Wallace of 21st century albums, it is meta as f**k, it will lull you into thinking that you understand what it is about, just to dismantle you into oblivion on the next listening.
Third is classic
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