6 caught in avy on Torreys (6/6)

Threads related to Colorado mountaineering accidents but please keep it civil and respectful. Friends and relatives of fallen climbers will be reading these posts.
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Re: 6 caught in avy on Torreys (6/6)

Post by Trotter »

I think they all made a mistake being there at that time, with that amount of warmth. If it was just one guy making a mistake and risking his own life, I think we've all done that. But to lead a class into the situation...

In any case, I hope everyone injured heals up and gets back out there.
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Re: 6 caught in avy on Torreys (6/6)

Post by mountain_gallivanter »

My assessment is that this group of climbers left too late. I was reading that the accident occurred close to 8:45 AM and in a lower part of Dead Dog Couloir. I climbed it just the day prior, and without incident. However, I was on the snow before sunrise and reached the summit well before 8 AM. Even so, the snow was quite soft and required lots of kick-stepping for purchase. The sun hits this couloir EARLY! Doing anything other than a predawn start is unsafe/unreasonable.
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Re: 6 caught in avy on Torreys (6/6)

Post by IHikeLikeAGirl »

I'm a little late to the dance (a common theme in my life), and had just heard about this, this weekend.

I don't know the background on why decisions were made and what exactly happened...but I DO know that Brit is a well trained, well experienced, highly respected, and knowledgeable mountaineer. And an amazing person to boot!

At this point, I am only skimming the thread for useful and educational information and ignoring the rest.

You are in my thoughts and prayers Britt, wishing you a full recovery....
- Valerie
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Re: 6 caught in avy on Torreys (6/6)

Post by osprey »

He is indeed an amazing and good person.
He guided a sight impaired individual on Mt. Lindsey. An impressive accomplishment for both of them and a major act of kindness on Brit's part.
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