Mt. Saint Helens

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Re: Mt. Saint Helens

Post by Zylryan »

damacau wrote: Sun Jun 04, 2023 10:00 am Climbing Mount St. Helens can be an exciting and rewarding adventure! Here are some general considerations for your questions. Pulling Devices. The need for traction devices, such as crampons or microspikes, will depend on the current conditions on the mountain. Route choice. Remember that safety is always a priority when climbing. Mount St. Helens can be a challenging and potentially dangerous mountain, so proper training, research, and knowledge of climbing techniques is very important. If you are new to climbing or are unfamiliar with the features of Mount St. Helens, consult an experienced climber, join a guided tour or attend a climbing course. and After your trip ends, go and celebrate at the casino, you are sure to be lucky.
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Re: Mt. Saint Helens

Post by myfeetrock »

I've climbed it every year since 2019. This summer I was able to take my 2 oldest kids 15, and 12 to the summit. They really enjoyed it! The Mt St Helens Institute had pretty accurate up to date info on the mountain. I used the climbers bivouac trailhead. They opened it 2 weeks before I climbed last month. While there was some snow in the trees, above treeline, there was less snow than previous years. Muscle memory is how I score my permits. I get on the computer a half hour before the permits go on sale and practice clicking dates and numbers. Of course every time I go, I'm on a quest for more information about the mountain and people in the area on May 18th. This time around I found out there was a second plane photographing the initial slide and lateral blast. I was able to acquire a record with a song written for Harry Truman. Cool stuff. David Johnston's vehicle and trailer were found, but reburied. The family requested that the location remained secret so as the area didn't become a shrine. Sorry for the rabbit trail. Worm flow route seems to be the best snow route from what I hear.
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Re: Mt. Saint Helens

Post by jfm3 »

^^^We have a bot among us...quick somebody figure out how much it would cost to put a casino at the top of the crater.
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Re: Mt. Saint Helens

Post by BillMiddlebrook »

Luckily, at 75 on a Texas highway, I can zap this sh!t. As a passenger, of course...
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Re: Mt. Saint Helens

Post by Iguru »

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Re: Mt. Saint Helens

Post by cedica »

^^ (In Bob Seger's voice)
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